Corporate Gift Ideas for 2024

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Corporate gifting is rapidly changing.

Slapping a logo on a generic promotional item is no longer enough. It’s all about being intentional, strategic, and personal.

When done right, corporate gift-giving leaves a positive impression on recipients that can drive a response. Whether that’s company loyalty, employee engagement, client retention, or a referral, the best corporate gift ideas will lead to business growth and company success.

Before we share our favorite corporate gift ideas for 2024, let’s review what corporate gifting is and some actionable tips for product selection. 

What is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is the practice of sending branded merchandise to employees, clients, or prospects as a way to build relationships, express gratitude, and increase brand awareness. These gifts can range from small items like pens or t-shirts to more premium gifts like tech gadgets and personalized gift sets.

Here are some of the most popular occasions to send business gifts: 

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Business Gift

Corporate gifts should evoke emotion, bring joy, and inspire loyalty but shouldn’t be too expensive or overly personal. Be intentional about the products, messaging, and packaging you choose to ensure that your corporate gift accurately represents your company’s values. If your company is known for sustainability, for instance, choose eco-friendly gifts.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect business gifts:

  • Take into consideration the age, gender, job title, and interests of the recipient
  • Consider cultural sensitivities and gift-giving customs to avoid unintentional offense
  • Present your gift in a beautifully designed custom swag box  
  • Choose unique, high-quality items that will last
  • Select practical gifts that can be used regularly
  • Incorporate your logo and custom messaging where applicable  
  • Think about unique items that will be useful and memorable
  • Add a handwritten note to make the gift more personal and meaningful
  • Work with a GoDelta Brand Consultant

Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Various Recipients

Navigating the world of corporate gifting can be challenging, especially when trying to find the perfect item for various recipients.

To ensure your gesture resonates with its intended audience, let’s explore memorable business gift ideas tailored specifically for employees, clients, sales prospects, and event attendees.

Employee Appreciation Gifts


Employee appreciation gifts foster a positive work culture and express gratitude to team members at all levels - from fresh recruits and senior staff to middle managers and top executives. They can be given on various occasions, such as holidays, work anniversaries, birthdays, or to acknowledge outstanding performance.

For new hires, these gifts serve as a warm welcome to the team. They should make them feel excited about their new role and be useful for their day-to-day work. Consider branded apparel or a welcome kit with essential job supplies.

The best gifts for managers reflect the responsibility and dedication that comes with these roles. Consider professional items like an eco-friendly notebook, brand-name drinkware, or a personalized desk accessory to add a touch of thoughtfulness.

Gifts for executives should be a bit more upscale, reflecting their status within the company while still being functional and tasteful. Premium items like high-end leather goods or gourmet gift baskets can make them feel valued and respected.

Across all levels, it's important to consider the company culture and the recipients' individual interests to ensure they feel valued and understood.

Client Gifts


Corporate gifts for clients aren’t just a gesture; they’re a smart business move. Sending client gifts is a great way to strengthen business relationships and demonstrate gratitude for their continued support and patronage. These are usually presented during the holiday season, after the completion of a major project, or on the anniversary of the client's partnership with your company.

Corporate gift baskets with gourmet food prove to be an exceedingly effective client gift year after year. They have a wide appeal and offer rich flavors, unique aromas, and varied textures that can evoke deep emotions and create long-lasting memories that are intimately tied to your brand.

When selecting gifts for clients, it’s important they don’t feel mass-produced. Focus on personalization, whether that’s a handwritten note or a gift that aligns with your client's industry or job function.

Sales Prospecting and Marketing Gifts


Sales prospecting gifts are used as a tool to initiate relationships with potential clients or to reignite interest in dormant accounts. These gifts serve as a memorable introduction to your brand and can set the tone for future interactions.

When selecting sales prospecting gifts, ensure they're useful and relevant to the recipient's industry or role. It's also essential to consider the cost-effectiveness of these gifts as they're frequently given in large quantities.

Corporate Event Gifts 


Event swag is typically given out at conferences, trade shows, seminars, or company-hosted events. They express gratitude to attendees for their participation and provide a tangible reminder of your company long after the event has ended.

When choosing gifts for event attendees, consider the nature of the event and the demographics of your audience. Practical and portable gifts are often the best choice, as attendees may have to carry them around during the event.

Corporate Gifting Trends for 2024

As we look ahead to the corporate gifting landscape in 2024, several key trends emerge. These trends reflect shifts in consumer expectations and the evolving nature of work and business relationships.

Corporate Gift Boxes


Corporate gift boxes combine a mix of high-quality products, personal messaging, and premium packaging to deliver an exceptional unboxing experience. Gift boxes can also be sent straight to the recipient’s home, providing an alternative way to reach remote team members or distant clients.

It's important to plan ahead, especially if you want to send your gift box during the holiday season. From product selection and custom box design to kitting and distribution, the whole project takes about seven weeks.

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Need inspiration? Explore the corporate gift box collection.

Luxury Corporate Gifts


High-level accounts who do the most business with you throughout the year deserve top-level items. Luxury corporate gifts will typically be purchased in low quantities and reserved for VIP clients.

You can leverage this trend by investing in quality over quantity. Consider premium products from popular retail brands such as YETI, Corkcicle, Stanley, Thermos, and Bose. Brand name items carry an inherent value and quality assurance that is recognized and appreciated by the recipient. When a company's logo is paired with a respected retail brand, it elevates the perceived value of the gift and, by extension, the company's image.

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Inexpensive Gifts


Inexpensive business gifts, when chosen thoughtfully, can make employees or clients feel valued without breaking the bank. These gifts are often everyday items that recipients can use daily. This could include anything from reusable coffee cups and keychains to stationery items like notebooks or pens. Remember, even simple gifts can feel special and memorable if they are personalized. Consider a customized water bottle engraved with your recipient's name or initials.

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Gifts That Give Back


In 2024, people expect more from brands. They want the companies they do business with to support their values and be socially conscious. By prioritizing gifts that support a charitable cause, you’ll show recipients the human side of your business and prove that your brand remains focused on a larger purpose.

Brands can capitalize on this trend by selecting socially conscious gifts that align with their corporate values and the social/environmental causes they support.

Consider sourcing gifts that donate a portion of all proceeds to important causes such as: 

  • Clean water - MiiR donates to clean water initiatives.  
  • Support for veterans - Basecamp supports the Wounded Warrior Project. 
  • Environmental preservation - Tentree plants ten trees for every item sold.
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Impress Your Valued Recipients with Unique Corporate Gifts

Sending meaningful business gifts comes down to being personal and intentional. By choosing a highly customized, functional, and valuable item, you humanize your brand in a way that makes it more relatable to prospects, clients, and employees. People do business with people. Corporate gifting reminds your recipients that there’s a person behind that logo. And that person cares.

The corporate gift ideas above serve as a solid foundation. If you’re looking for more hands-on support, get in touch with a GoDelta Brand Consultant. With expertise rooted in creative design and product selection, we’ll use our knowledge to help you find the perfect corporate gift for your audience.

Need help choosing the right branded merchandise? Get in Touch.

Corporate Gift FAQs

Why is sending corporate gifts important in 2024?

Corporate gifting sparks a response. That’s just how human behavior works. It all comes down to the theory of reciprocity, which speaks to the psychological need to give something back when something is received. No matter who your recipient is, a gift can propel them forward to take that next step in your business relationship.

What are the best corporate gifts for employees?

The best gifts for employees will align with their interests and needs. Select unique promotional items that can be personalized with your own company’s branding, logo, and, when appropriate, the employee’s name. Branded apparel is a popular employee gift item, as it can be worn at conferences, trade shows, and meetings. Plus, it gives team members a sense of pride and belonging.

How much should I spend on corporate gifts?

For employees, expect to spend $35-$150 per gift. Consider how long they’ve been with your company and their loyalty.

For clients, expect to spend $25-$75 per gift. Focus on the VIP clients that are most important to your company's growth and success.

Are corporate gifts tax deductible?

Yes, the IRS limit on corporate gifts is $25 per person per year. This means that businesses can deduct up to $25 for each individual they give a gift to during a given tax year. However, the business is free to spend more than this amount on gifts, but the deductible portion is limited to $25.

What are some unique corporate gift-wrapping ideas?

Branded or custom packaging adds a lot of value to corporate gifts. The right type of packaging can turn what would otherwise be just an item into a memorable unboxing experience. Here are some unique ways to wrap and present corporate gifts:

  • Custom Swag Boxes - Consider designing custom boxes that reflect your brand's colors and logo. This not only enhances the gift's presentation but also boosts brand recognition.
  • Creative Materials - Use unconventional materials for wrapping, like recyclable or reusable fabric, newspaper, or even maps, for an eco-friendly and unique touch
  • Gift Ribbons & Business Cards - Incorporate your company's business cards and custom ribbons into the wrapping process. This adds a professional touch and serves as a reminder of your brand.
  • Themed Wrapping - If your corporate gift is for a particular occasion or season (like holidays), consider using themed wrapping paper or accessories to match the event.

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