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9 Unique Promotional Products to Activate your Brand in 2023

Activate your brand with these 9 unique promotional products. Create a personalized connection with your customers by being intentional with promo items.

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Activate your brand with these 9 unique promotional products

What if I told you that understanding the human brain can help you select unique promotional products that take your marketing strategy to the next level?

That’s a loaded statement, but it’s a lot simpler once we break it down. 

You see, marketing is all about human behavior. That’s why data constantly shows that promotional products work. It all comes down to a principle called reciprocity, which speaks to the human need to want to give something back when something is received. Robert Cialdini explains this further in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, where he discusses how people are hard-wired to respond positively to a gift, even if they didn’t ask for it. 

A popular study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology demonstrates this by revealing the gift of a single mint at the end of dinner led to a 3% increase in tips. 

We can even see the proof of this in our own lives. Think back to a time you bought someone a gift because they bought one for you, or maybe you donated to a specific organization because they gave you a free gift. 

But in business, all of this can backfire if not executed properly. Give a poorly thought out gift, and a company risks being seen as inauthentic or “just looking to make a sale.” The feeling of needing to act in kind or to give back is strongest when a recipient feels a gesture was genuine in its attempt to thank or serve. By understanding this principle of reciprocity, businesses can build relationships that last. 

The best way to achieve this is by being intentional about the products you choose to hand out. Buyers today are flooded with marketing every second of the day. So, think about products that will help you stand out above this noise. By choosing the right items, you'll create an emotional connection with customers that will help activate your brand. 

What are Unique Promotional Products?

  1. Useful Items - When selecting a promotional product, think about an essential need you're aiming to solve. The best gifts will have a use outside of just promoting your brand. This requires digging a bit deeper into either your buyer or employee personas to truly understand what they want and need.
  2. Two-In-One Products - If it has more than one use, it’s probably a life simplification tool. Anytime you give a gift that can make someone’s life easier, there will be a sense of gratitude, which is key to making your employees or customers feel valued.
  3. Product Trends  -  Think about items in high demand. What’s that one product that everyone is rushing to the store to get? This year, the most sought after items are a combination of stylish, useful and forward thinking. Keeping up with the latest promotional product trends is a great place to start when trying to choose unique. 

These are the three things you should consider if you want to increase the effectiveness of your promotional products. By giving a unique item that solves a problem or need, you’ll be leveraging promo product trends to boost your marketing results

To help get you started, we’ve selected a list of unique promotional products that your employees or customers will love.

1. Adult Coloring Book and Pencil SetAdult Coloring Book Set

Coloring books are making their way into the adult world, and not just because they are fun. Recent research proves coloring is a great stress reliever and a productivity booster. One study conducted at the University of the West of England revealed that a group of participants who spent 20 minutes coloring reported being more content, energetic, and calm. They also reported higher levels of mindfulness and creative flow. Giving a gift that provides all three of these benefits shows that you care about the wellbeing of your employees or customers.

This specific coloring book set features a kraft brown paper cover that encourages a creative design. You can brand your company’s logo on the front with a full-color digital custom book cover design. The book comes with a 6-color pre-sharpened pencil set, which you can also put your company’s logo on with a one-color imprint.

Find it here. 👏

2. Desktop Bag Toss Game

Desktop Bag Toss Game

This desktop bag toss game is an excellent example of a unique promotional product that you can’t just find anywhere. Everyone has heard of the cornhole lawn game. Some companies have even implemented the game into their strategy for positive workplace culture. The trouble is not every office has space for full-sized games, and the weather and winter make it impossible for this team building activity to be universally available. 

That’s where this mini version for desks comes in! The wood game set is 10.25 X 5.5 inches and comes with six mini bags, making it perfect for employees to keep on their desks. The game can be purchased in white or a natural wood color, ensuring sure your company logo stands out. Overall, this is a great gift to show clients and prospects you care, or a fun way to improve company morale around your own office.

Find it here. 👏

3. UV Sanitizing Box and Wireless Charger


UV Sanitizer and Wireless ChargerIn the age of COVID-19, everyone is concerned about germs. The number of microbes on your phone, earbuds, or touch screens wasn’t a top of mind concern in the past. But now, cleaning every surface we touch is the first thing we think of, especially in the workplace. 

The challenge is finding an effective cleaning solution for these electronic devices. Until recently, the best option was a microfiber cloth. But we’ve seen a new product hit the market - and it works.  UV light sanitizers use UV-C light to kill 99% of all germs. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine reports that this light has been known to destroy other coronaviruses, and is likely to work on the novel coronavirus. Our employees at DMG find UV Sanitizing Boxes especially useful for quickly sanitizing our masks if they fall on the ground or are contaminated in some way. 

What’s great about this UV Sanitizing Box is that it not only effectively cleans small electronic devices, keys, or other small and hard-to-clean items, it also has a built-in wireless charger! The lid incorporates a 5W charging pad that can charge any device that is QI enabled.

The box is easy to use with a simple connection to a power supply. Just pop your items in, close the lid, and the two UV germicidal LED lights will sterilize your items. It includes two different sanitizing modes, a quick 90 second cleans, or a 5-minute deep clean. The sanitizing process will stop automatically when the lid is lifted, ensuring safety and protection from any UV rays. 

The portable size makes it perfect for desks or even use in the car. Your logo can be imprinted in full color in the center of the box and will stand out nicely with the box’s white exterior design. It comes equipped with a 39 inch USB to Type C charging cable. 

Find it here. 👏

4. Personalized M&M'S®


Typically when you think of promotional items, you think of something with a lasting lifetime. But with this mindset, many companies are missing out on the opportunity to solve an essential need for prospects - something sweet. 

Personalized M&M’S®, branded with your logo and company’s color, are a great thing to have on hand either at the office, during a tradeshow, or simply as a client or employee gift or mailer. When someone realizes they are hungry, you’ll be immediately solving their need, and they’ll be thanking you for keeping their best interests at heart - even when they forgot. 

Another cool idea? Use branded M&M’S® to make virtual events more enjoyable. A great idea from one client of ours is to use these candies as a networking break during an online webinar. 

Make the candy your own by choosing up to three colors out of 23 options. Your full-color company name or logo can be branded front and center. Each pack comes in a personal size measuring 3 x 3.75 inches and is filled with 3/4 ounces of candy-coated chocolate. Everyone can have their own pack, so no need to worry about hands spreading germs.

Find them here. 👏

5. Touch Tool

Touch Tool

A gift sure to show that you care in this new normal we’re living in is one that will protect your prospects or employees anywhere that they go. The Touch Tool is a new item that’s designed to do just that. It’s a small and compact tool that helps the user limit contact with surfaces like doors, locks, keypads, or even mailboxes. It’s designed with a pointed end perfect for pressing buttons and a hook feature,  perfect for carrying grocery bags or pulling a handle. 

Here are two different versions of the Touch Tool. One is made of durable, high strength ABS plastic. It comes in white and is available and can be customized with a full-color edge-to-edge logo imprint. 

The other option is the Touch Tool Pro, which is made from solid, antimicrobial bass. The brass material provides an extra level of protection as it’s properties are known to rapidly kill bacteria, yeasts, and viruses. The Touch Tool Pro includes a stylus tip for touchscreens and can be engraved with your company’s logo. 

Find it here. 👏

6. Smart Bottle

Smart Bottle

There’s nothing worse than a bottle that fails to keep cold drinks cold or hot drinks hot. Enter the ever-popular vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottles we’ve come to know and love. But this Smart Bottle takes things to the next level by including a battery-operated touch display lid that shows the temperature of the liquid and comfort range indicator. It makes burning your mouth a thing of the past. 

The bottle comes in a powder-coated black matte finish and is made of double-wall insulated stainless steel, which is FDA certified. It’s guaranteed to keep beverages hot or cold for up to 24 hours. The cap is a wide mouth screw-on design. Your logo can either be laser or digitally imprinted, and you can choose a full wrap or a single- or double-side brand.

Find it here. 👏

7. Mini Desk Humidifier

BrumeMiniDeskHumidifierWith thousands of employees working from home these days, work space comfort is becoming a priority. People are hyper aware of their bodies and their personal health. That’s why this mini desk humidifier is a thoughtful and unique promotional product gift. 

Humidifiers are known to help with dry skin, cracked lips, and dry nasal passages. Plus, research shows they can also combat viral infections in the air. This desk humidifier will ensure comfort while working, while also promoting a clean and sanitized environment. 

The mini humidifier is 3 x 3 x 4 inches, and made of ABS plastic. It contains a 6 and 3/4 ounce water reservoir, and two USB ports for the light and fan attachments. It operates up to eight hours on a single charge. You’ll know it’s working with its color-change feature. 

Brand your company's logo with either a wrap around imprint, one-sided or two-sided imprint. The humidifier itself comes in white, but choose from a variety of bold colors for your branded imprint to make it stand out.

Find it here. 👏

8. Custom Designed Hoodie

full zip custom designed hoodieWe live in a world where individuality is celebrated and encouraged. The value of expression has brought a new focus on the need for everything to be unique - including our wardrobes. 

Retailers everywhere have seen a rise in customizable products, and the apparel industry is no different. Research suggests that consumers are even willing to spend extra on a personalized or customized apparel product. This tells us people want more customization. They want clothing they can wear proudly, with confidence that no one has ever seen their unique style before. 

You can solve that need for individuality by designing your own custom branded company hoodie. This polyester custom designed hoodie is the perfect place to start. It features a modern look with a full-zip front and a unisex design, appealing to both men and women. Plus, you can get as creative as you want when designing your customization. The hoodie can be fully covered with your chosen pattern, imprint, hashtag, marketing message or promotional design. We use dye-sublimation to give your hoodie a rich color and hue that won’t fade. With this unique customization process, we can guarantee no one will have quite the same hoodie as your company.

Find it Here. 👏

9. Three-In-One Meeting BookThree-in-one meeting book

You’ve heard of a lined notebook and a blank journal, but have you ever heard of a dotted notebook? Bullet journaling is an emerging trend that uses dotted notebooks to take organization, planning, and notetaking to the next level. This new movement has picked up steam on social media. Just look up Bullet Journal on Instagram. 

The idea of the dotted notebook is to help keep handwriting neater and more organized. The dots make it easier to draw straight lines and create breaks in the pages as you please. It also gives you more freedom to be more creative in your note-taking or journaling.

Bullet Journal

This specific three-in-one meeting book combines the unique feature of bullet journaling with the loved features of a lined notebook and a blank journal. It gives people options and flexibility to use what works best for them. It’s a perfect company gift and will help employees consolidate notes, sketches, brainstorms, and explore the world of bullet journaling all in one convenient book. 

The front cover is flexible, made with vegan leather. It comes with three bookmark ribbons and an elastic pen loop and band closure. Brand your company’s logo on the front with a deboss imprint or foil stamp. You also have the option of adding a full color printed logo inside the journal.

Find it here. 👏

Key Takeaway: Think Before You Give

The main focus when selecting promotional products for employee or client gifts is to think about an item’s usefulness. The purpose of your gift should always be more about the receiver than your company. 

Remember, the reciprocity principle doesn’t work if people feel the gift is a gimmick. Use these truly unique promotional items to help solve your prospects or employees’ problems. You’d be surprised at the loyalty they’ll give your company in return.

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