Custom Swag Boxes

Send customized swag boxes without the hassle or logistical headaches. Our team will help you deliver an exceptional unboxing experience that delights recipients and drives meaningful results.

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Custom Swag Boxes

A custom swag box for every scenario

From employee appreciation boxes to virtual event kits, we’ll help you build swag boxes for every gifting occasion, filling them with premium products your recipients will love and use daily.

Corporate Gift Boxes

Delight your valued prospects, clients, and business partners with swag boxes that showcase your appreciation for their support.

Corporate swag boxes are perfect for building lasting relationships with the people that matter most.

Corporate Gift Boxes

Employee Appreciation Boxes

Recognize, reward, and inspire your team members with custom swag packs that express gratitude.

From branded merchandise to practical items, swag boxes are a great way to boost morale and make your employees feel appreciated for their hard work

Employee Appreciation Boxes

Virtual Event Gift Boxes

Bridge the distance and create a sense of connection by sending attendees swag boxes that bring your virtual event to life.

Swag packs help create a tangible connection between your brand and virtual attendees, making them feel truly engaged.

Virtual Event Gift Boxes

Employee Onboarding Kits

Welcome new employees and set them up for success with a branded onboarding kit that makes them feel a part of the team.

Onboarding kits are a fun and effective way to introduce new hires to your company's culture and values.

Employee Onboarding Kits

Company Event Boxes

Make your next trade show, conference, or company event memorable with swag boxes that excite attendees and create a sense of unity.

Our event-specific swag packs can be customized to align with your event theme, providing an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Company Event Boxes

Customer Experience Boxes

Enhance your customers' journey by surprising them with swag boxes that make them feel special.

Whether it's a welcome gift for new customers or a token of appreciation for their loyalty, swag packs are perfect for creating positive, engaging, and memorable customer experiences.

Customer Experience Boxes
CSTA Swag Box

How Virtual Event Swag Boxes Boosted Brand Awareness for the Computer Science Teachers Association


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Individual items


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Custom Swag Box Design Templates
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Custom Swag Box Design Templates

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How we build your custom swag box together

Through a collaborative approach, we’ll ensure you have perfectly packaged swag packs for every occasion and budget.

GoDelta Brand Consultants ready to help you

Discovery & Research

Your dedicated brand consultant learns about your business, industry, and target audience to ensure your swag kit perfectly fits your needs.

Product Selection

Our team will help you curate your own customized box of premium products or provide recommendations for pre-built swag packs based on event goals, budget, and in-hand date.

Custom Swag Box Design

Our in-house graphic designers create on-brand virtual samples that incorporate your creative feedback, ensuring they meet your exact requirements. Turnaround times for custom designs are within 24 hours.

Delivery & Distribution

Leave the logistics to us. From kitting to shipping, we ensure your swag boxes arrive safely and on time at your desired location – whether in bulk to one address, or directly to individual recipients.

Swag box & swag pack FAQs

What is a swag box?
A swag box, or swag pack, is a gift box filled with branded merchandise for event attendees, team members, or clients. Swag packs offer a versatile and impactful way to promote your brand, engage your audience, and create memorable experiences. They can be customized to fit your specific needs, making them a powerful tool in your marketing strategy.
What are swag boxes used for?
Swag boxes are used for various purposes and can serve different functions. They are a convenient way to send multiple promotional items to your recipients. Some of the most common use cases for swag boxes include onboarding new hires, appreciating employees, delighting event attendees, and enhancing the customer experience.
What type of products can we include in our swag box?
We can help you curate the perfect items for your custom swag box. Swag boxes are no larger than 12” x 10” x 4”, so the kit typically includes smaller items. The items should be thoughtful, useful, and memorable. Check out our list of swag box ideas to get you started.
Can you design our swag box?
Yes! Our in-house creatives love designing custom swag boxes for our clients. Design experts will work with you to create eye-catching box designs that creatively weave your messaging, colors, and brand elements together. We provide free design concepts for a unique look that complements your brand identity and will work with you until it’s exactly what you want.
Can you ship our swag boxes to individuals?
Absolutely! We can pack and ship swag packs to a residence or office location.

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