Pop-Up Shops & Swag Stores

Simplify sending company swag with a pop-up shop. We'll help you select your products, set up your store, and manage the logistics.

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Pop-Up Shops & Swag Stores

Streamline your gifting with an online pop-up shop

Pop-up shops make it easy for employees and customers to choose their own swag from a simple-to-use platform.

Recognizing employees and delighting clients has never been easier

Recognizing employees and delighting clients has never been easier

Pop-Up Shop FAQs

What is a company pop-up shop?

Online pop-up stores are custom-branded web stores that control the gifting journey by personalizing the experience and automating the process. It’s a customizable platform that allows you to choose products from which your customers or employees can select while gathering essential details such as sizing and shipping information if required.

How much does it cost to open a pop-up shop?

We do not charge you to set up and manage the shop, but we require a minimum spend on products of approximately $5,000.

How many items can I add to the store?

For the greatest success, we advise having between 3-10 items.

Do you help me choose and order products?

Yes, your Brand Consultant manages the sourcing and ordering of your items before we build your pop-up shop.

How long can the store be active?

Online pop-up shops are short-term projects. They are usually active for 2-3 weeks.

How do the products ship to my recipients?

They can be dropped shipped to individuals or shipped bulk to one location.

How do we pay for the products?

We create a Sales Order with all the specs and pricing before setting up your shop. Once the shop is closed, we populate the information and send you the Sales Order for review and approval.

Schedule a pop-up shop demo today

The pop-up shop demo is a no-pressure 30-minute meeting with a Brand Consultant who will walk you through shops that align with your needs and goals. We will answer all of your questions and help you solve your challenge.

What’s Included During the Demo:

  • Pop-up shop demo
  • 1:1 conversation with a brand consultant
  • Assessment of your project goals
  • Discussion about existing challenges
  • Actionable ideas to get you started