Healthcare Company Generates Demand with Integrated Marketing


David Weingard, the company's founder, says his life was transformed by a remarkable diabetes educator named Cecelia, whose persistent care for her patients inspired him to create a healthcare technology company that helps people living with chronic illnesses like diabetes.

The startup was experiencing explosive growth and recognized it needed a short and long-term strategy to scale effectively. Cecelia Health, formally known as Fit4D, turned to GoDelta to develop an integrated marketing strategy that expanded brand awareness and generated demand for their services.

Services Provided

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Sales Enablement
  • Web Development
  • Custom Reporting

HubSpot Services

  • CMS Website
  • Marketing Enterprise
  • Sales Pro
  • Custom Reports


Increase in page views


Increase in submissions


Increase in leads

Client Testimonial

"From day one, David and his team have worked tirelessly to provide thoughtful insights. During the rebrand, they provided the direction we needed to align our brand and our new company mission when we needed it the most. Everyday life at a New York startup moves fast - the team at Delta Marketing Group was with our team at every pivot to provide best practices and strategies to meet our needs while elevating our digital marketing."

Barry Kurland

Barry Kurland

Chief Operating Officer

Cecelia Health


In the wake of a disappointing agency experience, Fit4D’s CEO recognized that he needed to hire a growth-driven agency to attract new patients, grow revenue, and scale with purpose. Their previous marketing partner underperformed, causing Fit4D’s growth plans to stall.

GoDelta was selected to create a strategic marketing plan, execute the tactics, and provide a technology stack to support Fit4D’s marketing and sales efforts. Fit4D wanted to maximize reach across all digital channels while remaining within the set budget.

During the discovery process, it became clear that Fit4D needed to rebrand and should change its name to Cecilia Health as the current name no longer aligned with the company’s mission and vision for the future. Their current name didn't convey the brand’s origin story or provide the recognition needed to reach and engage new patients effectively.

GoDelta had a lot of ground to make up. The need for effective and measurable marketing was time-sensitive as Fit4D prepared for a national conference to announce its rebrand.


During an extensive discovery process, we met regularly with Fit4D’s team to create a timeline and establish actionable goals to lead them to their desired outcomes. Together, we decided on the following goals:

  • Develop a Marketing Plan
  • Create buyer personas
  • Refresh brand messaging
  • Launch a new website
  • Consolidate Tech Stack
  • Design a new logo
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Setup up closed-loop reporting
  • Sales enablement training


Only a few months before the rebrand launch announcement at a national conference, GoDelta had a laundry list of initiatives to complete.

Strategic Growth Plan

After conducting extensive market research, we developed a strategic growth plan that identified their challenges, opportunities, buyer personas, and ideal customer profiles.

The final deliverable was a comprehensive blueprint that provided actionable marketing tactics for building brand awareness and nurturing prospective customers. These tactics included a growth-focused website, HubSpot implementation, content marketing, paid media, social media, email marketing, and more.

Brand Development


The Fit4D team was up for the rebranding challenge and made the commitment to work with GoDelta to complete this project quickly. Together, we created a new name - Cecelia Health - that tells a bigger story, and a logo that reflects the company’s past and where it’s going next. We fleshed out the messaging strategy, which now centered around the story of Cecilia and how she helped the company's founder.

The new logo uses a warm, modern color palette, and the typography features lowercase letters to signal that the brand is personal and patient-focused.

We also designed unique promotional products, including branded apparel, to create buzz around the rebrand and raise awareness among the target audience.

HubSpot Implementation

Like most startups, Cecelia Health had a disparate technology stack at the time. GoDelta identified HubSpot as the ideal solution because it provides a unified and scalable platform that simplifies data management and facilitates inbound selling, marketing, and service.

We helped Cecelia Health transition effortlessly to HubSpot – configuring portals, migrating existing data, setting up custom reports, and providing technical training on essential features and tools to ensure their marketing and sales team could hit the ground running. 

HubSpot CMS Hub Website


Cecelia Health’s marketing team required an easy-to-use platform so they could independently update their website at their convenience and as necessary. GoDelta identified HubSpot CMS as the ideal solution because it offers a user-friendly platform that allows for custom responsive design, speed, security, and integrations with other tools and platforms.

Using HubSpot CMS Hub, we developed a dynamic and responsive website Cecilia Health could adapt and scale as its needs evolve.

Content Marketing

GoDelta created and executed an SEO-driven content marketing strategy segmented for various personas, buyer’s journey stages, and relevant keywords. The strategy included various types of content, such as blogs, social media posts, videos, podcasts, and ebooks. All content was distributed through various social channels to ensure maximum visibility.

We also crafted a robust pillar page and topic cluster on “Medication Adherence In Diabetes Patients” to help Cecelia Health rank for relevant keywords, build trust with its target audience, and establish thought leadership in the healthcare industry.

Lastly, we conducted an intensive content marketing workshop to help Cecelia Health’s team maximize their content marketing efforts moving forward. Attendees received 1:1 coaching, tips for SEO, and materials for future reference, such as templates and checklists.

Sales Enablement Training

Cecelia Health looked to improve its sales process and help its sales team close more deals. Their goal was to tie revenue to sales, help their sales team with online sales techniques, and maximize revenue using the HubSpot CRM.

GoDelta audited its current sales process and provided updated sales collateral, email templates, and personalized coaching on how to do outreach to prospects and sales-qualified leads. We set up custom reports that track performance and enable leadership to better understand the impact of their team’s sales efforts. Our sales enablement training included:

  • Sales Process Audit
  • Sales Enablement Strategy
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Sales Content Optimization
  • Technology and Automation


GoDelta relaunched Cecelia Health with a name change, a new logo design, and refreshed messaging that came to life in a growth-driven website. Cecelia Health is now able to generate demand using an inbound methodology and capture data using a consolidated tech stack from HubSpot.

257% Increase in Conversions


61% Increase from Inbound Traffic


The execution of the tactics laid out in the custom strategic growth plan allowed Cecelia Health to reach a national audience at a pivotal moment in the company’s history, and to date, is quickly growing awareness with a new, improved brand identity.

200% Increase in Form Submissions