36 Branded Giveaways for Smart Marketers

These are the types of branded giveaways smart marketers should always keep on hand to effectively promote their brand.

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5 Types of Must-Have Promotional Giveaways for Smart Marketers

Special events, employee recognition, and client gifts—all of these occasions are perfect opportunities to order custom, remarkable branded giveaways that take your brand (and possibly your budget) to the next level.

But what about the everyday promotional products—the items that you keep on hand and give out to employees, customers, and prospects on a daily basis? What are the must-have branded items you should always keep in stock?

Here is a list of 36 types of branded giveaways that smart marketers should always keep on hand in 2023. 

Virtual Event Giveaways 

Virtual events are expected to continue well into the future. Not only are they convenient for attendees, but they can save businesses a lot of money. Take away the expenses for the venue, entertainment, and refreshments, and smart marketers will have more room to get creative with their event marketing budgets. Incorporating branded giveaways can be an excellent way to get people excited about your event, while also spreading brand awareness in untraditional ways. 

When selecting virtual event giveaways it’s important to think about items that help make your event more engaging. Also consider promotional giveaways that your attendees can use during the event. This will not only activate your brand, but it will bring attendees together even while they’re physically apart. And remember, you’ll likely be sending these items in a box. So you’ll want to keep in mind size and shipping costs when selecting your products.

Ideas to get you started:

Technology-Related Giveaways 

The best promotional products are all about usefulness, and tech giveaways get their own spot on this list. They’re some of the most useful promotional products you can buy. But beyond their usefulness, tech giveaways are also some of the most popular promotional products.

So, why exactly are tech-related giveaways must-haves for smart marketers? One of the main goals of giveaways is to increase brand exposure, and an effective way to do that is by giving away products that people find valuable. Quality products that are useful and valuable are more likely to be used often—and possibly get shown off.  

Ideas to get you started:

Good, Better, Best Promotional Items

Rather than categorizing promotional items by price point, smart marketers should create “good, better, and best” categories. This will help stay organized and keep track of your giveaways throughout the year. For example, some items can be given out to anybody, while others should be reserved for sales reps who are connecting with prospects.  

Create categories with 3-5 products and you’ll be prepared for any situation.

Ideas to get you started:




Work-From-Home Promotional Products

More employees are now working remotely—companies are transitioning from the typical office setting to working at home or co-working spaces.  Smart marketers can take advantage of this opportunity by giving away promotional products that work for remote employees. Products that are highly useful and make remote working easier are going to resonate well.

Ideas to get you started:

Items That Promote Brand Ambassadors

Part of the power that promotional products have lies in their ability to spread brand awareness beyond just the people you give them to. Smart marketers will choose items that have the potential of being used in high traffic places, attracting a lot of different eyeballs to their branded giveaways. 

This strategy will give your promotional items a higher ROI. It also gives you the ability to tap into already existing resources. Consider giving your employees and team members some of these products to kick start your brand awareness campaigns.

Ideas to get you started:

Key Takeaways

So what makes a promotional product good to keep on hand? Here are the key factors to consider when ordering branded giveaways:

  • Usefulness
  • Quality
  • Creativity

Keep in mind these key takeaways and items above when deciding which products to stock up on. You’ll effectively promote your brand with these must-have branded giveaway ideas.

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