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G.W. Savage

  • WebSite DESIGN
  • Brand Promotion

When you have fire or water damage in your home, you’re probably going to pick up your phone and call the first company that shows up in your online search. So how does an emergency restoration services company stand apart and generate predictable recurring revenue in a highly competitive industry?

G.W. Savage Corp., an independent restoration company based in Vermont, had just that problem. Their marketing dollars were being spent on traditional advertising methods such as radio spots and event sponsorships, with no measurable results. In addition, their outdated website was underperforming and didn’t represent who they were as a company.

DMG took a holistic approach G.W. Savage’s marketing, starting with a complete brand refresh and a new high-converting inbound website. We focused on creating valuable educational content that helps visitors answer some of their questions while building a sense of expertise and leadership around G.W. Savage. Then we applied the same strategy, messaging and brand design to their marketing collateral and trade show materials.

The result? A cohesive brand that resonates with all the right prospects and opens new doors.

G.W. Savage Website
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