Web Design


Meridian Imaging Solutions


A growth-driven approach designed to improve lead generation and enable a sales team for success.

As a Konica Minolta company, Meridian Imaging Solutions had access to some of the best technology and partnerships in the business solutions industry. Seeing room for advancement, they were looking to find a robust way to grow their website and improve the lead generation strategy for their growing sales team. 

Meridian was already using a content strategy as a HubSpot customer, but they recognized they weren’t fully utilizing the platform to attract and nurture their leads. They missed a strategic marketing plan to organize their web traffic, email workflows, and internal responses to prospects.

After an intense immersion into their industry, our team built a strategy that included a growth-driven website redesign and an inbound marketing plan aligned with the company’s advancement goals. 

As a result, Meridian saw an improved user experience to their website, a sales team better equipped to nurture leads and close deals, a better marketing and sales alignment, and an overall reduction in software expenses.

With the HubSpot platform, DMG designed and implemented a new website that harnessed the existing offers and tools that lay buried within the existing site, and put them on display for web visitors to more easily engage with.