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Brand Development

Cecelia Health

Changing the lives of people with chronic conditions

CEO & Chairman David Weingard was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, at the age of 36, while training for a survival race. David committed to rebuild his life and provide positive change to the diabetes community, so he launched his company, then called Fit4D, to improve the outcomes and transform the lives of people living with diabetes.

In 2018, Fit4D was in a high growth mode and was looking for a marketing partner to help scale. The startup needed a new brand to better align with its mission to scale a personalized approach to transform the lives of people living with diabetes as well as other chronic conditions, using a blend of clinical coaching and technology. Fit4D turned to DMG to complete a strategic marketing plan, aimed at expanding brand awareness and generating demand for their services.

Our team began with a deep dive that encompassed analysis of current brand positioning and identity, extensive market research, and, most importantly, an immersion into the founder’s story—inspired by a Certified Diabetes Educator named Cecelia who empowered David to manage his diabetes and recognize that anything is possible.

In January 2019, Fit4D became Cecelia Health, to honor all the health educators who improve lives every day. The new name and brand was designed to incorporate the integral pieces of their approach: the patient and the health educator, connected through technology, to improve the health of individuals and organizations. 

We launched Cecelia Health with a name change, new logo design, messaging, and fresh creative that came to life in a new website, brand activation campaign, social media, and PR. Together, these yielded a 19% increase in website traffic and a 250% increase in new leads during the first 30 days.