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Virtual Event Marketing


An association dedicated to creating a support network for the nation's computer science educators needed guidance with hosting a successful virtual conference.

Our brand activation team worked with Computer Science Teachers of America (CSTA) to strategize their annual conference's right approach. This year was much different from previous years, as COVID-19 swept across the nation, causing the cancelation of in-person events. CSTA knew that they could not let their members down by canceling their annual event. The next best thing to an in-person event? A virtual conference that still offers the same humanized experience through the power of swag.

CSTA and Delta Marketing Group collaborated to create a surprise swag box for all attendees and a connecting social media strategy to boost member engagement. 

After conducting a survey, 98% of 2000 attendees reported that they loved the swag box they received. The biggest challenge for CSTA moving forward - how can they top this year's enthusiasm and swag box for the 2021 conference? That's where a partner like us at DMG comes in to help.