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Inbound Marketing


Clean Copack


An inbound marketing strategy helped this manufacturer establish a growing sales funnel for its new brand.  

The nutrition bar company, BumbleBar, aims to make healthy food accessible to all. Capitalizing on growth, they decided to expand and reach a bigger audience: businesses looking to start their own line of clean food bars. Working in collaboration with this manufacturer, our team developed an inbound marketing strategy to launch their new brand, Clean Copack.

Clean Copack was designed to attract a whole different customer base. Instead of a B2C focus (business to consumer), the new brand was focused on attracting businesses in need of copacking services. This called for a completely new approach. 

By defining Clean Copack’s buyer personas and mapping out their journey, our team created a website designed to attract, engage, and delight visitors, leads, and customers. Our inbound marketing plan included a robust content strategy designed to educate, a social media strategy aimed at promotion, content distribution, email marketing, and alignment of both sales and marketing teams.

The end result? A new brand strategically set up to build and expand upon BumbleBar’s, and now Clean Copack’s mission to make healthy food accessible to all.