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by Cathy Houston Cathy Houston on March 11, 2016

Trade Show Tote Bags: Top 5 for 2016

Consider tote bags during your trade show planning.


Booths. Prospects. Clients. New products and services. Exhibitions. Industry trends.

What do the above terms have in common? They’re all integral elements of a successful trade show, of course! They’re also the most stressed over aspects in terms of trade show planning. Companies rightfully fuss over trade show fundamentals like perfecting their booth design and refining their 30-second pitch in hopes of attracting prospects and selling products. Another trade show essential that is often only an afterthought is promotional products strategizing. Companies fail to realize that promotional products are just as essential to trade show success as the previously mentioned aspects.

In my opinion, tote bags are essential promotional items for companies to give away at trade shows. I’m going to showcase my top 5 trade show tote bags that will enhance your (and your prospects) trade show experience.

1. RuMe xPose Tote Bag

RuMe xPose Tote Bag

I fell in love with this product at the PPAI Expo I attended earlier this year. The RuMe xPose tote bag takes trade show tote bags to a new level of convenience with its cross-body strap. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?! This hands-free tote will allow attendees freedom and ease when visiting booths, shaking hands, and collecting promotional items. When prospects receive a useful item courtesy of your brand that makes their trade show experience more enjoyable, your brand image will be positively boosted. Not to mention all the brand exposure tote bags offer when used at trade shows!

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Think Beyond the Trade Show: Giving away this tote bag will do wonders for your brand exposure during and after the trade show. The xPose tote bag has a high-staying power because of its high-quality make and usefulness. Due to the fact that this tote is machine washable and can hold up to 50 pounds, it provides multiple uses ranging from a travel laundry bag to a book bag for students.

2. Carry All Tote

Trade Show Tote Bags

This tote must have been created with trade shows in mind considering all of its bells and whistles! In addition to its large, main compartment, the carry-all tote features a pen loop and an open front pocket perfect for brochures and business cards. I think this bag's style is perfect for trade show usage; it's simple, but has a professionally sleek design. Your full color logo will be imprinted on either the back or front pocket.

3. Foldable Tote

Foldable Tote

I know what you're thinking - there's no way that the above product is a trade show tote bag! The truth is, it's no different from any other promotional tote bag you've seen, except for the fact that it folds and zippers into a convenient pouch! Spark conversation with prospects by discussing the versatility of this foldable tote

In addition to the folding aspect, I love the strategic branding design of this tote. Your logo will appear on the front pocket of the bag and the front of the pouch when folded down.

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Think Beyond the Trade Show: Packaging provides a means to market products and differentiate your brand according to Study.com. Although you're promoting your brand and not the tote itself, this product's unique packaging as a compact pouch will set your brand apart in the eyes of customers for choosing a product that is different from the rest.

4. Accent Trim Tote

Accent Trim ToteThe accent trim tote has a color scheme that is unique in terms of other trade show tote bags. Your logo and brand messaging will pop on the black background when contrasted with the colorful trim. The trim comes in your choice of royal blue, red, orange, lime green, or gray. Best of all, this tote won't break your budget with a low starting price of $2.78 per bag.

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Design Consideration: Please note that sans-serif, block style font is recommended to achieve the best imprint for this tote. Fine lines are to be avoided. Please keep these design considerations in mind when choosing a tote for your next trade show.

5. Cotton Tote Bag

Cotton Tote

Lastly, here's a tote with a one-of-a-kind look! This cotton tote bag is lightweight and folds down for easy storage. These functional aspects are all good and well, but let me tell you about the creative imprinting and design options this product offers: you have the option to imprint any kind of logo or messaging design in full color on the front or back of the bag. It is also possible to display photos on the tote with image bonding. To further customize this product to fit your brand, you can design this tote with colored straps to match your logo.

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Think Beyond the Trade Show: Because this tote is made of 100% natural cotton, it is classified as environmentally friendly. Using eco friendly promotional products shows consumers that your brand values being environmentally conscious. In fact, using eco friendly products boosts your brand's image in the eyes of consumers, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute. In other words, this eco friendly bag will make for a positive impression among prospects!


Key Takeaways

There's more to trade show tote bags than just giving them away willy-nilly. To wrap it up, here's why tote bags are useful:

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Because of their high-staying power, tote bags facilitate brand exposure during and after the trade show

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They make for a positive trade show experience for attendees because of their usefulness

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They come in different designs and packaging to match your brand's style

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Eco friendly totes improve consumer opinions of your brand

Tote bags are more than just a giveaway, so be sure to allow time for tote bag strategizing the next time you're planning for a trade show.

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Cathy Houston

Written by Cathy Houston

As an innovative forward-thinker who looks beyond traditional promotional products, Cathy takes pride in finding unique products that meet her clients’ needs while integrating seamlessly with each aspect of their marketing strategy.

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