Why Trade Show Giveaways Are Important

Don’t be the booth that disregards the marketing benefits of promotional items. Trade show giveaways are essential for trade show success.

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Why Trade Show Giveaways are Important

Imagine walking into a trade show, and your eyes catch sight of an intriguing item on a booth. You approach, curiosity piqued, and you're handed this item - a nifty gadget, perhaps, or a sleek notebook, bearing the company's logo. This is your first interaction with the brand, and already, you're impressed. 

This is the magic of trade show giveaways.

These small tokens can pack a big punch for brand recognition, lead generation, customer engagement, and loyalty.

Let’s define trade show swag before diving into the benefits. 

What is a Trade Show Giveaway?

A trade show giveaway is a marketing strategy where companies distribute free items at trade shows, exhibitions, or conferences. These items - often branded with the company's logo or message - can range from simple goods like pens and notebooks to more valuable products such as tech gadgets or high-quality backpacks. These promotional products serve as a constant reminder of the company long after the event, particularly if they are useful and used regularly by the recipients.

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4 Benefits of Trade Show Swag

Don’t be the booth that disregards the benefits of freebies. Here’s why event giveaways are important and need to be included in your trade show marketing strategy. 

1. Increase Booth Traffic

Companies that showcase promotional giveaways at their trade show booth often experience significantly more booth traffic compared to those that offer nothing. People are naturally attracted to free items, and this can be leveraged to draw potential customers to your booth. Once you capture your prospect’s attention with giveaways, you’ll be one step closer to securing their business.  

Pro Tip:

Make sure all swag is displayed and organized in a way that captures attendees’ interest. Create a visually pleasing flow for your prospects when planning your layout, and avoid laying out products in straight lines.

2. Enhance Brand Awareness 

In a sea of companies vying for attention at a trade show, a unique giveaway can make your brand stand out. According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 71.6% of attendees who received a promotional product at a trade show remember the name of the company that gave them the product.

Every time someone uses your branded giveaway, they're advertising your brand. This visibility extends far beyond the trade show, turning your recipients into brand ambassadors

Pro Tip:

Prospects are often drawn to a brand because of its messaging, the company culture, or another differentiating factor. If you have something that sets your company apart from the competition - promote it on your trade show swag.

3. Foster Customer Loyalty

Trade show swag positions your brand positively in the eyes of prospects. By providing something of value for free, you invoke the principle of reciprocity and create a positive association with your brand, making customers more likely to choose your products or services in the future.

Pro Tip:

Merely distributing any promotional item won't elicit these positive reactions from attendees. Select useful, high-quality products that have value and avoid cheap products that break easily and offer little benefit to the attendee.

4. Generate Leads 

Trade show gifts also serve as an exchange medium for contact information, allowing you to grow your list of potential leads. For instance, you could offer a luxury item in return for attendees filling out a survey or providing their business cards. 

Pro Tip:

Use lead capture technology like a business card scanner to quickly convert contact information into CRM contacts. This will ensure you spend less time inputting data and more time building relationships with prospects.

Boost Your Event ROI with Unique Trade Show Swag

Trade show giveaways are not just freebies; they're strategic marketing tools that can boost brand recognition, generate leads, and foster customer loyalty. So, the next time you're planning for a trade show, remember to leverage the power of giveaways. 

Choose items that reflect your brand, resonate with your audience, and, most importantly, make a lasting impression. If you need guidance, speak to a GoDelta Brand Consultant. We’ll work closely with you to select and design unique swag for your next event. 

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on March 24, 2016, and has been updated for accuracy and current best practices.

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