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by Cathy Houston Cathy Houston on August 3, 2015

Promotional Products for Beauty Trade Shows

Our top picks for custom cosmetic products.


The beauty and cosmetic industry often hosts large conventions and trade shows to showcase new products and services. A great way to attract attendees and get them to remember your brand is through handing out beauty themed giveaways at your booth. I was surprised to find just how many beauty related products are available in the promotional world! Continue reading for a great list of promotional products for beauty trade shows.

1. Branded Plush Hot/Cold Eye Mask

Custom Eye MaskBeauty trade show attendees will love this logoed product. The branded Plush Hot/Cold Eye Mask is made from soft plush material and unique aqua beads that can be chilled in the freezer or warmed up in the microwave. This product has beauty benefits like reducing under eye bags and is great for rejuvenating relaxation. GET IT HERE. 

2. Custom EOS Lip Balm

Custom EOS Lip BalmsHere's a product every company should be using. EOS lip balms have become popular for a variety of reasons: their round shape, vibrant colors, social media presence, and advertising through celebrity sponsorship, according to Racked.com. This means custom EOS Lip Balms have huge potential for your company as a giveaway. Imprint your logo on these immensely popular items that people are proven to love. GET IT HERE.

3. Promotional Glass Nail File in Sleeve

Branded Nail FilesYou probably recognize these colorful, chic nail files from large scale drugstores like CVS and Rite Aid. These promotional Glass Nail Files in Sleeves are perfect giveaways for beauty trade shows because they last longer than emery boards made of cardboard. They're very cheap, too; perfect for large scale giveaway events. Customers are sure to remember your brand because of these useful products. GET IT HERE. 

4. Personalized Vinyl Manicure Set

Personalized Manicure SetImprint your logo on this useful set that attendees are sure to keep. The personalized Vinyl Manicure Set includes a nail file, nail clipper, scissors, and tweezers. GET IT HERE.

5. Customized Laminated Non-Woven Small Shopper Tote

Customized Laminated TotesI chose this tote as a giveaway for beauty trade shows because of its look and shape. The customized Laminated Non-Woven Small Shopper Tote reminds me of a bag I'd receive while shopping at a clothing or makeup store. Beauty trade show attendees are going to need a bag to carry around all of their promotional goodies in, so why not be the booth that provides them with one? Attendees will keep this bag long after the trade show because of its unique design and durability. GET IT HERE.

6. Logoed EOS Hand Lotion

Custom EOS Hand LotionEvolution of Smooth also makes hand lotion! People at beauty trade shows will be eager to get logoed EOS Hand Lotion at your booth based on the popularity of EOS lip balm. Associate your brand with this popular company to attract customers. GET IT HERE.

7. Branded Naturally You Spa Kit

Custom Spa KitsTreat attendees to the branded Naturally You Spa Kit that includes a hairbrush, facial massager, pumice stone brush, and a facial wash pad. Most of the items included in the imprinted case are made of wood, giving these products a nice, all natural feel. GET IT HERE.

8. Personalized 3 in 1 Kit

Personalized Compact MirrorHere's a great on-the-go item for potential clients. This personalized 3 in 1 Kit is a hairbrush, compact mirror, and pill case. Attendees will love this multiuse product with your logo printed clearly on top. GET IT HERE.

9. Promotional Mini Nail Polish

Promotional Nail PolishGive potential clients a cute way to remember your brand with promotional Mini Nail Polish. The small size of this promotional item will attact customers to your booth. Pick from over 200 colors. GET IT HERE.

10. Personalized 5 in 1 Lint Brush

Personalized Lint BrushKeep potential clients looking spick and span with the personalized 5 in 1 Lint Brush. This practical item is a lint brush, shoe horn, mirror, comb, and sewing kit all in one for under $2. Attendees won't be able to find another product like this one, which means they are sure to remember your brand. GET IT HERE.

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Cathy Houston

Written by Cathy Houston

As an innovative forward-thinker who looks beyond traditional promotional products, Cathy takes pride in finding unique products that meet her clients’ needs while integrating seamlessly with each aspect of their marketing strategy.

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