10 Inspiring Corporate Gift Basket Ideas

Let’s explore some of the best corporate gift baskets, from gourmet snacks for the foodie client to tech-themed baskets for your gadget-loving employees.

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10 Inspiring Corporate Gift Baskets

In the business world, it's often the little things that make a big impact.

A corporate gift basket is one of those special gestures and a great way to build and nurture genuine connections with the individuals who drive your business forward. 

Whether it's for celebrating milestones, appreciating employees, or thanking clients, a well-thought-out corporate gift basket can speak volumes about your company's values and ethos. 

But let's face it—finding that perfect business gift basket can be challenging. 

Your gift basket must align with the occasion and reflect the interests of your recipient to create a truly memorable impression. 

To help get you started, let's review some key factors for choosing the ideal corporate gift basket before we unveil our top picks.

What Should You Put in a Business Gift Basket?

One of the best aspects of business gift baskets is their versatility. You can bundle so many different items together, which allows you to get personal and choose items that reflect your target personas' interests. 

So what can you put in one? Start by considering the following: 

Product assortment and quantity - Typically, gift baskets have an assortment of different food items. Think about what will resonate well with your recipient, and consider including various items. Usually, these gifts are going to a team of people, so you want to include a little something for everyone. 

Pricing - How much should you plan to budget? If you include food in your basket, prices do skew a bit higher than just a traditional branded item. Consider if you want to send perishable items. This will also bump up the cost a bit. For VIP clients, we’d recommend budgeting between $30-50 for a high-quality package. Smaller food items in the $10 range are available if you’re looking for more of a bulk office gift idea. 

Personalization - You’ll also want to consider how you’re going to personalize it. This can be done in multiple different ways. If you have a strong relationship with this particular client, maybe the food items inside are how you get personal. Speak to their specific interests or tastes. Or, you can include a handwritten note that expresses genuine appreciation. Don’t forget to add your own branding, whether it’s on the package itself or a product inside the basket. 

Best Corporate Gift Baskets for Businesses in 2024

Now that you have an idea of what you want to send, how much it will cost, and how you’re going to personalize it, it’s time to start browsing ideas. The luxury of choosing one of our curated company gift baskets is they come perfectly packaged and ready to send out. You can even dropship them straight to your recipient’s doorstep. 

From gourmet delights for the foodie client to tech-themed baskets for your gadget-loving employees, here’s a look at some of the most unique corporate gift baskets on the market today. 

1. Genuine Slate Serving Plate with Wisconsin Cheese & Sausage

Slate-Serving-Plate-Wisconsin-CheeseLooking for the perfect corporate gift that is both elegant and practical? Business clients and employees will love this stunning slate cheese plate that they can take home to entertain family and friends. The cutting board comes bundled with:

  • Mild cheddar
  • Black pepper cheese
  • Beef summer sausage
  • A meat and cheese cleaver
  • Olive oil and sea salt crackers
  • Soapstone chalk (for cheese identification purposes)

2. Epicurean Delights

Epicurean-DelightsWhether you're looking to impress a large group at a corporate event or want to surprise your hardworking team during the holiday season, this mouthwatering collection of gourmet snacks is perfect for rewarding those who truly deserve it the most. It includes traditional classics and exciting new flavors, ensuring there is something for everyone to savor and share.

Your recipients will love the unboxing experience as the gift basket comes elegantly wrapped in festive, decorative cellophane and neatly tied with a ribbon foil-stamped in silver with your logo.

3. Charcuterie Sampler

Charcuterie-SamplerFeaturing a sustainable bamboo cutting board chopping board fire branded with your logo, this company gift basket offers brand recognition that will last even after the tasty cheese, meat, and cracker assortment is eaten up. This gourmet charcuterie sampler comfortably serves 18-25 people, making it perfect for both intimate gatherings and larger events.

4. Wine Enthusiast Tote & Gourmet Gift Set

Wine-Enthusiast-Tote-Gourmet-GiftSetHere’s a great option for toasting your VIP clients. This corporate gift set includes a stylish wine tote, various food items, and a voucher for a bottle of wine. With the voucher, your recipient can choose from one of three wines from Limerick Lane Cellars to ship directly to their home. 

Options include:

  • 2022 Rosé - citrus, white flower, nectarine and strawberry flavors
  • 2022 Fáilte White Rhone Blend - citrus, white flower, stone fruit and apricot flavors
  • 2021 Russian River Valley Zinfandel - dark cherry, blackberry, and cherry flavors  

Remember that shipping wine directly to recipients is restricted in the following states: AL, DE, UT, MS, and RI.

5. Energy Booster

Energy-BoosterHelp your employees and clients avoid that dreaded afternoon crash with this snack kit filled with an assortment of tasty, energizing treats. With its full-color label on the outside of the box, you can customize it with your company's colors and logo - giving it an extra personal touch.

6. MiiR Camp & Sweet S'moreology Gift Set

Camp-Sweet-Smoreology-GiftSetLet your recipients enjoy the rich, decadent flavors of S'mores at home without any mess or fuss with this unique holiday-themed corporate gift set. Each set includes a branded camp cup and a dessert kit filled with spiced buttery graham crackers, creamy vanilla schmear, chocolate hazelnut schmear, crunchy marshmallow topping, and a disposable mini spreader.

7. Brownie Points Gift Set

Brownie-Points-GiftSetEarn major brownie points this holiday season by sending your recipients everything they need to bake delicious homemade brownies. This corporate gift basket includes a brownie mix, an all-purpose apron, baking tools, and oven mitts, all tucked inside a stylish tote you can brand with your logo and messaging.

8. Igloo® Fundamentals Artisan Gourmet Cooler

Igloo-Artisan-GourmetCoolerRenowned for its exceptional quality and unmatched durability, this Igloo cooler is the perfect luxury corporate gift for your esteemed clients and partners. Packed to the brim with a mouthwatering assortment of gourmet goodies, this cooler will impress even the most sophisticated foodie. Add a personal touch and include a greeting card to let your recipient know just how much they mean to you.

9. Cookies + Crumbs Deluxe Kit

Cookies-CrumbsPackaged in a custom swag box and delivered with a personal card, this cookie collection is the ideal way to reward your sweet-toothed employees with unbeatable flavors. Plus, each box comes with a customized Crumbee Desktop Vacuum – perfect for sweeping away crumbs and cleaning up messes.

10. Recharge Kit

Recharge-KitThe ideal gift for executives, clients, employees, or anyone who could use a little pick-me-up, this unique corporate gift set allows your recipients to satisfy their cravings and charge their devices at the same time. The kit includes four mouthwatering snacks and a powerful power bank. You can customize the bright box with your logo and add a handwritten note for a personalized touch.

Delight Your Recipients with Corporate Gift Baskets

The best thing about business gift baskets is their versatility. With so many different options to choose from, combinations to make, and items to include, you can customize your basket to fit any corporate occasion, budget, and message. 

Whether your recipients prefer savory snacks or sweet treats, there’s a corporate gift basket designed to delight them. To extend the staying power of your corporate gift, we recommend combining delicious food items with high-quality branded swag. When paired together, you’ll create a high-impact, memorable, and delightful gift experience for your employees and clients. 

Get in touch if you need guidance picking the perfect corporate gift basket for your brand. We’ll work closely with you to uncover your needs and then handle all the details required to bring your vision to life. 

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