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by Cathy Houston Cathy Houston on October 30, 2015

10 Creative Promotional Products for Trade Shows

These creative items will attract event attendees to your booth.


I'm going to let you in on a little secret about trade shows: being adequately prepared with well rehearsed content to speak to attendees about is just as important as drawing attention to your booth. Believe it or not, opening lines of communication with potential clients starts before you even get a chance to speak to them. Promotional products draw attention and open up lines of communication for trade show attendees.

However, just because you have promotional products displayed in your booth doesn't automatically mean attendees will flock to your company. You must pick the right kind of creative and useful trade show promotional products to attract potential clients. Think about products that can serve as a conversation starter.

Don't worry; I've got you covered. Below are 10 creative promotional products for trade shows that I've handpicked to attract attendees to your booth and facilitate conversations.

1. Promotional Retractable Ear Buds

Promotional Retractable EarbudsWe all know that promotional earbuds in cases are popular trade show giveaways because of their compact packaging and product relatively, but say hello to the next biggest custom earbud trend. These trendy tech items stay untangled on-the-go. Impress trade show goers with retractable ear buds at your next event.

2. Custom Luggage Identifier

Custom Luggage IdentifierI love this convenient luggage handling item! The custom luggage identifier wraps around most handles to improve ease of handling luggage and identifying bags. Gain huge brand visibility when trade show goers use this product on their luggage.

3. Branded Massager

Branded MassagerGive trade show goers a sense of comfort and ease with the branded massager. This star shaped item is a creative promotional product for any company.

4. Personalized Car Vent Air Freshener

car-vent-air-freshener.jpgPotential clients will think of your brand whenever they commute with the personalized car vent air freshener. These scented air fresheners attach on to vent blades to distribute your choice of a fresh lemon or rose scent when the air is running. Imprint your logo or message on the front of the air freshener to keep your brand present in recipients' minds.

5. Customized Utility Lanyard

Customized Utility LanyardWhy promote your company with a regular lanyard when you can order the customized utility lanyard with attachments? This innovative lanyard features two sturdy hooks and a release loop. Trade show attendees willlove this product because it can hold car keys, house keys, ID cards, key chains, flash drives, and more.

6. Logo Cup Sleeve

Logo Cup SleeveThe logo cup sleeve isn't like any other custom cup sleeve; it is made of an open cell foam that allows for a comfortable grip to keep your hands warm and your drink cold. Order this promotional cup sleeve in multiple colors to show your brand's versatility. 

7. Promotional Cleaning Spray with Cloth

Promotional Cleaning Spray with ClothThere are so many benefits to using the promotional cleaning spray with a cloth as a promotional product at your trade show booth! Potential clients will love this compact, coolly packaged product that is highly useful for cleaning laptop screens, tablets, smartphones, and even non-tech products like glasses! There is even a microfiber cloth included for wiping off excess spray. Also, this product will be extremely easy to transport to and from trade shows because of its small, compact design.

8. Custom Snap Notebook

Custom Snap NotebookI'm a big fan of these small, convenient writing notebooks as promotional products. However, the custom snap notebook must be one of my favorite designs, mainly because of its snap closure. This teeny notebook includes a notepad, sticky notes, neon sticky flags, and a pen for convenience. 

9. Branded Surf Bottle

Branded Surf BottleHere's a cute water bottle style that is very unique! The branded surf bottle is a promotional, reusable water bottle from a new vendor we're working with. I absolutely love the style! Also, its small size is great for easy transportation to and from trade shows. You can learn more about custom printed water bottles here.

10. Personalized Touch Screen Gloves

Personalized Touch Screen GlovesWith winter approaching, these personalized touch screen gloves are perfect trade show giveaways! Keep your hands warm while navigating your smartphone and tablet screens. Your logo will be imprinted right on top of the gloves for maximum brand exposure.

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Cathy Houston

Written by Cathy Houston

As an innovative forward-thinker who looks beyond traditional promotional products, Cathy takes pride in finding unique products that meet her clients’ needs while integrating seamlessly with each aspect of their marketing strategy.

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