6 Tips to Empower Every Employee as a Brand Ambassador

Build your brand from the inside out with these 6 strategies to empower your employees as brand ambassadors.

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6 Tips to Empower Every Employee as a Brand Ambassador

Employees are the doers, problem solvers, innovators, creators, communicators, and trailblazers of your organization. They’re the lifeblood of the company and by far its most important success factor. And if you’re engaging employees the right way, they’re building your brand from the inside out. 

When employees are active participants in shaping the company, can recognize their direct contribution to its success, and resonate with its vision, they’ll be inspired to put their best foot forward.

They’ll want to stay with your company longer.

They’ll want to do their best to ensure customer satisfaction.

And they’ll actually want to advocate for your brand — organically — as brand ambassadors.

Let's explore what makes your employees uniquely qualified to be brand ambassadors. We’ll also share a few tips to help your employees become conscious advocates of your brand. 

What Is a Brand Ambassador?

In simple terms, a brand ambassador is someone who represents your business and company culture. Many businesses pay for them, such as social media influencers. But in reality, businesses already have plenty on their payroll: their employees. 

Studies have shown that employees make extremely powerful brand ambassadors. 76% of people are more likely to trust content shared by normal people compared to content shared by brands. If your employees recommend your business to their friends and family, those people are four times more likely to become customers.  

Why Employees Are the Best Brand Advocates

Engaging with your employees and activating them as brand ambassadors is more than good HR. It’s great for marketing, too. Tapping into your employees means tapping into your biggest and best asset for:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Shaping public perception of your brand
  • Recruiting stellar new talent
  • Driving company culture

That’s because your employees are the living, breathing embodiment of your brand. They bring your brand to life. If your employees are brand evangelists — distributing content on new channels, leaving glowing reviews of your company on job sites, referring top talent to join the team, and championing the brand to personal networks — you’re getting the best kind of marketing from the most trusted messengers (and for no extra cost).

6 Tips to Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors

So you understand the value, but how do you nudge your employees to take action and become conscious advocates of your brand? It starts with nurturing employee talent while giving them the right structure and support to learn, grow, and succeed.

These six strategies will help you develop better brand ambassadors on your team.

1. Engage Your Employees in the company vision

Simon Sinek popularized the notion that the most successful companies lead with why:

People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it” - Simon Sinek

This isn’t just true of your customers — it’s also true of your employees. Make sure your company’s “why” is top of mind for your whole team.

(If you’re unsure of your company’s “why,” stop what you’re doing and watch Sinek’s TED Talk — it’s a must-see.)

Bring your staff together regularly to share the company vision. Workshop the company’s “why” with your team. Make it a collaborative exercise to align employees around a shared understanding of why your business does what it does, your brand positioning, and what makes your company remarkable.

2. Solicit Employees’ Ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback

You’ll improve your company, increase employee retention and recruit new talent by fostering a work environment of collaboration, transparency, and a commitment to learning and growth.

Your employees bring different experiences, expertise, and perspectives to the table. Make collaboration a common practice in the workplace to introduce fresh ideas, insights, and innovations into your business strategy. Solve problems with the brain trust of the entire team.

Don’t fear employee feedback — embrace it.

You’ll lose talented people if you impose systems from the top down. Instead, actively solicit input from your employees (with anonymous surveys, for example) for valuable insight on areas for improvement, as well as to create a work culture where your team feels heard, valued, and empowered.

This active employee engagement is a non-monetary incentive that motivates your team and inspires brand ambassadors.

3. Distribute High-Quality Swag to Every Employee

Your brand should provide a complete experience, one that drives action, inspires engagement and builds long-term customer relationships. That experience begins internally with the people closest to your brand — your employees.

Use company swag and logo apparel to put your employees at the center of the brand experience and make them feel like part of a team. Staff loving their apparel and wearing it outside of the office is absolutely priceless brand awareness. It turns them into a mobile billboard as they go about their everyday lives. 

But keep in mind that branded swag should go beyond just brand promotion. The most effective gifts will make your employees feel valued. Think hard about what inspires them, and recognize these traits. Personalization is key in making your team members feel like they’re a part of something bigger.

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4. Make It Easy for Employees to be Brand Advocates

Like any behavior you want to encourage, incentivize and simplify.

Make it as easy as possible for your employees to be brand advocates.

Curate content specifically for staff that is easy to share. Give meaningful company swag that your team members will want to use or wear in their everyday lives. Launch a staff referral program when recruiting for a new position so your team can build talent from talent. Recognize those employees going above and beyond.

The process of formalizing and incentivizing brand ambassadorship looks different for every business, but the underlying principle is the same throughout: engage your staff in building for the short- and long-term.

5. Encourage Employees to Grow their Own Personal Brand

Brand advocates shouldn’t just be a reflection of your own brand. It’s important to encourage employees to grow their own personal brand and then use it to strengthen the company image. Why? Because people trust people more than they trust businesses.

The goal should be to have your team members become respected thought leaders in their own spaces. By being visible to the community at large or just seen as trustworthy experts in your industry, they’ll paint a positive image of your company at large. This type of trust is what strengthens brand authority, leads to new business, and strengthens customer relationships. 

As an employer, how do you help strengthen your employees' personal brands? Here are some ways you can help as a leader for your organization:

  • Ask employees to configure social media profiles with proper branding, descriptions, and links back to company pages.
  • Give guidance on what can be shared online about your company. Team members are much more apt to engage with your brand on social media if they understand what the rules and guidelines are.
  • Start spotlighting employees and their accomplishments online or on social media.
  • Share employee-driven initiatives either internally or externally through company newsletters.
  • Encourage employees to network with other professionals in and outside of your industry.
  • Offer opportunities for growth both professionally and personally.

6. Lead by Example

Finally, as a leader in your company, it’s important that you lead by example to help your team align around shared values and a common purpose. Pivot to your company’s “why” in all strategizing, planning, and decision-making. Create a brand experience you’re proud to tout. Build towards the future, shoulder-to-shoulder with your biggest asset: your team. Help your employees grow, and in doing so, help your business grow.

Transform Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors And Activate Your Brand

Your employees aren’t just members of your team – they’re also one of your brand’s biggest assets. By giving them the right training, tools, and even company merch, you can turn them into a powerful brand activation force that ensures your business is well-known where it matters most. 

By following the best practices outlined above, your employees will become one of your brand’s biggest assets. They’ll bring your business to life in the eyes of your customers, adding real personality and warmth to your brand. 

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published on March 4, 2019, and has been updated for accuracy and current best practices.

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