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12 Creative Promotional Products for Schools

on October 28, 2015, updated on May 07, 2020 3 min read

12 Creative Promotional Products for Schools

The average United States citizen spends 15%-29% of their life in school, according to Ask.com. That accounts for high school as well as higher education! If you think about this statistic in terms of promotional products, school time offers huge potential for brand exposure. If you brand school supplies and other school associated products, the students and faculty who use them will expose your brand to potential students and their families. What a great way to recruit new students and possible donors!

However, potential students and their parents won't be attracted to your school if all you have to offer is a simple, branded pencil. Many schools will use traditional promotional products like folders, notebooks, and pens. However, I've created a list of 12 creative promotional products for schools that will set your institution apart.

1. Promotional Clear Drawstring Backpack

Clear Drawstring Backpack

Here's a product that's a part of a hot trend in the promotional products world! The promotional clear drawstring backpack is a creative spin on typical custom drawstring backpacks. Clear materials are becoming popular not only with drawstring backpacks, but with tote bags and coolers as well! Outfit students and teachers with a handy drawstring bag that has style.

2. Custom Round Eraser

Custom Round Eraser

These creative promotional products for schools are great for any grade, even faculty members! The custom round eraser is perfect for students because pencil erasers often wear down quickly. Not to mention all the fun colors in which it's available!

3. Branded Carabiner Highlighter

Branded Carabiner Highlighter

Give students a useful branded carabiner highlighter for note-taking and studying. This product will be hard to lose with its handy, carabiner cap that can attach to backpacks, pencil cases, and more. This item is perfect for middle school, high school, and college students.

4. Personalized USB Flash Drive Bracelet

Personalized USB Flashdrive Bracelet

Give students and faculty a convenient way to transfer files with the personalized USB flash drive bracelet. Pick a tech bracelet that matches your school's colors to maintain brand consistency. Your logo will appear silkscreened right on the memory key itself.

5. Customized Supply Case

Customized Supply Case

The customized supply case offers students an easy way to transport their pencils, markers, pens, highlighters, clips, and sticky notes from classroom to classroom throughout the day. Plus, your school's logo will be featured prominently right on the case's lid.

6. Logo Hand Sanitizer

Logo Hand Sanitizer

During the cold and flu season, schools can be one of the worst places when it comes to catching germs. Prevent the spread of germs among students and school officials with personal logo hand sanitizer. This tiny, easy-to-transport bottle comes with a customized sleeve to print your logo. These handy items will be a hit during flu season! Who wouldn't want to send their kid to a school that is this health conscious?

7. Promotional Planner

Promotional Planner

Keep students organized with a promotional planner. Students can keep track of assignments and record dates for upcoming tests and quizzes with the three year calendar inside the agenda book. This is a great promotional giveaway for students at the beginning of a new school year!

8. Custom Stylus Screen Cleaner

Custom Stylus Screen Cleaner

I've heard of many high schools and colleges having iPads available for students to use to further their education with technology. I think that schools should give out the custom stylus screen cleaner alongside tablets to promote their institution with a useful, creative product.

9. Branded Retractable Badge Holder

Branded Retractable Badge Holder

Easily identify faculty members and school officials with branded retractable badge holders. Having each faculty member and administration worker wearing their identifying badge will create a safer school environment by making it easier to identify unauthorized adults. Also, teachers will wear these badges on lunch breaks and coffee breaks, further exposing your brand.

10. Personalized Notepad with Sticky Notes

Personalized Notepad with Sticky Notes

Switch up the typical promotional school notebook by ordering these creative promotional products for schools: the personalized notepad with sticky notes. This tiny spiral jotter will be a hit among students who like jotting down quick notes and using sticky note memos to stay organized.

11. Customized Bendable Book Light

Customized Bendable Book Light

Encourage daily reading to create inventive young minds with the customized bendable book light. This product will bring your brand into the homes of students and their families while sending an important message: to encourage pleasure reading for our youth!

12. Logo Round Shape Clip

Logo Round Shape Clip

I'm a big fan of promotional clips because they are another great way to get your brand into your client's home, which will then expose your brand to their family and friends. Promote your school with the logo round shape clip, a useful product that can be used as a chip clip or a memo holder on refrigerator.

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