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10 Best College Fair Giveaways That Will Set You Apart: Updated 2019

Cathy Houston Written by: Cathy Houston |

10 Best College Fair Giveaways That Will Set You Apart: Updated 2019

In the years since we first published this article, we've worked with countless colleges and universities to help them choose the ideal college fair giveaways their prospective students will love. Now, armed with even more knowledge and research about the products students really want, we're sharing our updated list of in-demand giveaways that will get your school noticed.

What does your brand stand for?

Giveaways are the perfect opportunity to communicate your school's brand and message. Students love cool and useful swag, not just some cheap pens that will be thrown away or misplaced. Since promotional products are proven to drive booth traffic, stock your booth with useful, unique items to attract students and leave a memorable, lasting impression.

And now, I'm excited to present my updated list of unique college fair giveaways that will drive booth traffic and making an outstanding impression on students.

1. Branded T-Shirt

T-shirts are the perpetually popular giveaway, so show some school spirit with a custom branded college t-shirt! Your t-shirt design can be classic and simple with your school’s name and logo. Or, you can inspire prospective students with an upbeat design like your school’s mascot.

Our top pick for the best t-shirt for college fair giveaways is the Tultex Unisex Poly-Rich Blend Tee. This unisex shirt is flattering on both men and women and is made from a comfortable, super soft fabric that students will love to wear.

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2. Sling Grip Smartphone Accessory


College students love their smartphones, so why not give away something they can use with their beloved tech item? The Sling Grip attaches to the back of any phone or phone case with a removable adhesive to prevent you from dropping your phone while you use it.

I think this promotional item is a no-brainer for college fair giveaways. Students will value the Sling Grip because of its usefulness. Plus, the Sling Grip comes attached to a customizable instruction card that gives this product a retail-feel while providing another place to showcase your logo or message.  That's a great way to increase your brand awareness with such a simple item!

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3. Brick USB Hub

Brick USB Hub

Hand out the ultimate useful tech giveaway—one that powers their technology all in one place! The Brick USB Hub is a 4-port USB 2.0 hub that's compatible with any USB port. Charge smart devices, connect flash drives, and expand your USB capabilities. With multiple color options and a generous imprint area for your logo, the Brick USB Hub is a giveaway they'll hold on to.

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4. PopSocket


Want to give away a promotional item that you already know is popular and on-trend? PopSockets are available to add your school's custom branding! The PopSocket attaches directly to the back of any mobile device with a washable gel.

It's not hard to see why PopSockets have become such an in-demand item. These clever phone accessories function as a media stand or a grip for texting and taking photos. Students will love the convenience of this product - it can be lowered or extended to serve its desired purpose.

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5. Smart Wallet for Mobile Devices

Smart Wallet-1

One of our most popular promotional giveaway products happens to be ideal for college fairs. The branded Smart Wallet attaches to the outside of any mobile device and is perfect for storing driver’s license, credit cards, gift cards, and cash.

Another benefit of the Smart Wallet is how easy it is to transport back and forth from college fair to college fair. As a flat lightweight giveaway item, the Smart Wallet is small enough to travel easily while being innovative enough to leave a lasting impression.

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6. Highlighter Stylus Pen

Highlighter Pen

People want promotional giveaways that are actually useful to them, otherwise they're a waste of time and space. That's why this multi-function writing instrument will impress students - the Highlighter Stylus pen is a highlighter, pen, and touch screen stylus all in one. With a variety of color options for both the pen and the ink, this item will perfectly complement your school's brand. Students will only need this writing instruments when it's time to hit the books. What a great way to delight college fair attendees with a single product!

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7. BackSac Deluxe Drawstring Pack


Could there be a more functional and useful promotional giveaway for college fairs? The BackSac drawstring sports pack utilizes the seats in the venue as an advertising medium, creating mini billboards wherever you place them.

These products are perfect for college visit days, or any time you gather prospective students together in one room. Once students are enrolled and on-campus, the BackSac would also be perfect for orientation. Fill the bag with literature about your school and other small promotional items to delight students and make them feel welcome.

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8. Pantone-Matched Custom Sunglasses

Sunglasses 1Sunglasses are always a fun and eye-catching giveaway, but these Clubman Sunglasses take the trend to the next level. You can exact-match any Pantone color on the frames, arms, and even the metal under the lenses for a stylish pair of sunglasses that is completely on brand. Plus, the unique, 50s-inspired design  creates an exciting look you won’t find with most other pairs of promotional sunglasses.  

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BONUS: Custom Sunglass Pouch

Custom Sunglass Pouch

Want to upgrade the presentation of your sunglass giveaways? A microfiber sunglass pouch is perfect for adding extra attention to detail. Choose from a variety of fun patterns, or design your own artwork for a completely custom, full-color pouch.

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9. Transparent Sports Water Bottle

water bottleA water bottle may be nothing new when it comes to college fair giveaways, but drinkware continues to to be one of the most popular promotional items among recipients! This affordable, custom transparent water bottle  is made with reusable, recyclable, BPA-free plastic and is available in a rainbow of colors to compliment any brand. Best of all, this bottle features the ability to print your logo or message in full color, creating a useful item that makes a lasting impression.

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10. Custom Branded Socks

Custom Branded Socks

You'd think that apparel items don't fit the price point for college fair giveaways, but think again! Branded socks are a promotion that is increasing in popularity. College students are known for lounging around while watching Netflix in comfy clothing, so give them an addition to their relaxation wardrobe.

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Two-Sock-Box-2BONUS: Complete the look with a custom gift box

Add an even more personal touch and give your socks an even higher perceived value. Socks can be packaged in a completely custom display box designed with your branding, logo, and messaging to create a showstopping display at your next college event. Just ask about custom packaging options when ordering!  

These college fair giveaways updated for 2019 bring attention and drive traffic to your booth. There's no better way to capture the attention of high school students than by offering useful items that positively represent your school. To take it to the next level, take a look at why college orientation giveaways are equally as important once the students are accepted.

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Orignially published on August 7, 2014, updated on March 27, 2019

Topic: Promotional Products