Best Company Swag Ideas for Employees and Clients in 2024

Unique company swag leads to happier employees, loyal clients, and a stronger company culture. Here’s our updated list of the best corporate swag ideas that your recipients will love and actually use.

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An array of the best company swag ideas for employees including health and wellness products, bags, headphones, yeti coffee mugs, and more.

Corporate swag is a great way to reward employees and show appreciation to your clients.

Who doesn't love receiving a personalized gift in the mail welcoming you to the team, celebrating your victories, or appreciating your continued business and patronage?

Company swag is the perfect way for your business to forge meaningful connections with your valued recipients and reinforce a strong company culture. But where do you get started?

Top Company Swag Ideas to Delight Your Employees and Clients

Here are the best company swag ideas you'll want to incorporate into your corporate gifting efforts in 2024.

Branded Apparel

Branded apparel such as custom t-shirts, hoodies, or jackets are great for promoting a company culture of belonging. These not only serve as comfortable everyday wear but also foster a sense of unity among employees while giving your brand visibility.

Consider the quality and fit of the branded clothing items. Opt for soft, comfortable materials that fit well and will last for a long time. With sustainable and ethical fashion set to be a leading 2024 branded apparel trend, think about selecting corporate apparel made from hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, or other recyclable materials.

Trending Items

Incorporating trending promo items into your corporate gift-giving strategy can make your brand stand out. Whether it's popular drinkware like a huge Stanley cup or novelty tech like a Bluetooth luggage tracker, these products are more likely to be used and appreciated by employees and clients.

Keep an eye on the latest promotional product trends and choose items that align with your brand's mission and values. Before you ask, yes, trending items tend to be more expensive, but the price tag is more than justified. Why? The popularity of an item directly correlates with its usage and the visibility it brings to your brand.

Premium Brands

Corporate swag from premium brands can elevate your brand’s image and make your employees and clients feel valued. It shows that you are willing to invest in high-quality items for them.

While these items may cost more, they offer better quality, longevity, and appeal. Due to the higher price tag, we recommend reserving brand-name company swag for VIP clients and high-level accounts who do the most business with you throughout the year.

Consider items from popular retail brands known for their quality and sustainability practices. Some of our favorites include YETI, Corkcicle, Stanley, Thermos, and Bose.

Tech Accessories

Tech accessories are a safe bet when it comes to company swag. These days, most of us are plugged in and online all day long, so why not give the gift of connectivity?

Tech items are practical, useful, and compatible with the digital lifestyle of today's workforce. However, go beyond the basic chargers or headphones. Think of unique products that make daily work more convenient and enjoyable.

Hybrid Workplace Essentials

With the rise of remote work, hybrid workplace essentials have become increasingly important.
76% of employees feel their role can be performed as successfully remotely as in the office. So, it's essential to provide company swag that supports this flexibility.

Think about items that can enhance the work-from-home experience, such as ergonomic chairs, desk organizers, and noise-canceling headphones. Also, consider the different needs of your recipients based on their home setup.

You want your employees to be comfortable and productive, whether working from home or at the office. We love promotional products that offer a seamless transition from one workstation to another, and your team will too.

Eco-Friendly Swag

Choosing eco-friendly swag is a win-win decision—it benefits the environment, it reflects well on your company's values, and it resonates with environmentally-conscious recipients.

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), nearly half of buyers hold a more positive view of a brand when they receive eco-friendly corporate swag. Why? Because sustainable swag shows your recipients that your brand cares about something bigger than itself.

In 2024, consider social giveback gifts that are tied to specific nonprofit organizations. or social or environmental causes. For example, MiiR donates a percentage of drinkware product proceeds to clean water initiatives.

Wellness & Fitness Gear

Gifting wellness and fitness gear is a great way to demonstrate that your company cares about the health and well-being of its employees. Whether it's a yoga mat, gym bag, or other wellness item, your fitness-focused employees and clients will appreciate the gesture to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It's another win for everyone - support your employees’ physical and mental health with some company swag and get additional brand exposure in the process. Employees seeking an extra boost of motivation will value the encouragement, while those already committed to their fitness routines will appreciate the additional gear provided.

Custom Swag Boxes

Custom swag boxes are a convenient and effective way to show your team and clients how much you appreciate them. They combine a mix of high-quality items, personalized messaging, and premium packaging to deliver an exceptional branded unboxing experience.

Building a box is a straightforward process. Partner with experienced swag kit experts, and they’ll help you choose the right products and manage all the logistics. From product selection and custom box design, to kitting and distribution, the whole project takes about seven weeks.


Inspired by Unique Company Swag Ideas? Now What?

Remember - the best promotional products are unique, memorable, functional, and fun. Don’t lose sight of the overall purpose of company swag: to make a genuine connection with your employees and clients and build brand identity. When you put thought and intention behind your promotional items, you’ll make that crucial connection that sets your brand apart.

Get in touch if you’re looking for guidance on finding high-quality company swag. We’ll work closely with you to select and design unique swag for your clients and employees.

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Company Swag FAQs

Q: What are Unique Company Swag Ideas in 2024?

A: Unique company swag ideas are memorable, functional, and high-quality. They also should be personalized to your brand. Think about things that make everyday life easier, more efficient, and fun! How can you customize these products so they stand out boldly?

Q: What is the Purpose of Company Swag?

A: The purpose of swag is to show appreciation to your team and build a sense of brand identity with thoughtful, memorable promotional products. When carefully chosen, company swag has the power to be an easy and cost-effective way to boost brand awareness while leaving a lasting impression on your target audience.

Q: How Much Money Should I Spend on Company Swag?

A: It all comes down to your promotional product budget. Before choosing your swag ideas, consider what you have set aside in your budget and what you can afford to spend. You’ll also want to evaluate ROI. For instance, higher-priced swag items make sense for high-value clients, but you may opt for smaller, less expensive swag for lower-tiered customers.

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