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Custom Swag Box Design Templates

Use these free templates to build your own custom swag box, aligned with your brand and targeted towards your personas. 

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4 Custom Swag Box Templates to Activate Your Creativity

We've created these four Custom Swag Box designs to simplify the creative process. Use them to create deeper connections, open more doors and activate your brand in a more meaningful way.


Virtual Events Box Template

Deliver Engaging Remote Experiences

Send an out-of-the-box experience straight to the doorsteps of your remote recipients. Bring the power of in-person events to the hybrid and virtual worlds with a memorable, brand-forward swag box.

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Employee Engagement Box Template

Welcome, Engage, & Delight Employees

Welcome new employees, celebrate milestones and promote your company's culture with custom boxes and branded swag. Sending thoughtful gifts to employees builds a sense of community that brings remote and on-site teams together.

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Sales Prospecting Box Template

Accelerate Sales with Personal Connections

Establish trusting relationships with clients, customers, and prospects with personalized gifts. Watch as you begin to form deeper connections and shorter sales cycles, while driving business growth.

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Client Appreciation Box Template

Build Long-Term Brand Loyalty

Strengthen customer relationships, boost retention rates and drive brand advocacy with timely, intentional gifts. Showing clients you care is more important than ever in a world of distant relationships and remote meetings.

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Virtual Event Swag Box Design
Virtual Event Swag Box Idea
Virtual Conference Gift Ideas
Conference Swag Boxes
Employee Custom Swag Box

What’s Included?

4 Customizable Adobe Illustrator Templates (with Outlined Text)

  • Sales Prospecting Box Design
  • Virtual Event Swag Box Design
  • Employee Onboarding Box Design
  • Customer Appreciation Box Design

4 PDF Files

Step-by-Step Design Instructions

Why are we giving away free designs?

Delta Marketing's purpose is to help people and companies learn, grow, and succeed. Our clients have had so much success with these boxes we feel compelled to share our knowledge with other marketers.

We hope you enjoy them!

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