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5 Types of Must-Have Promotional Giveaways for Smart Marketers

June 5, 2020 3 min read

5 Types of Must-Have Promotional Giveaways for Smart Marketers 5 Types of Must-Have Promotional Giveaways for Smart Marketers

Editor's Note: This blog post was originally published in August of 2016 and has since been updated to incorporate 2020 promotional trends. 

Special events, employee recognition, and client gifts—all of these occasions are perfect opportunities to order custom, remarkable promotional giveaways that take your brand (and possibly your budget) to the next level.

But what about the everyday promotional products—the items that you keep on hand and give out to employees, customers, and prospects on a daily basis? What are the must-have items you should always keep in stock?

We’ve got you covered! This is a list of the 5 types of promotional giveaways smart marketers should always keep on hand. You never know when the occasion will arise to delight someone with a promo product.

1. Technology-Related Giveaways 

The best promotional products are all about usefulness, and tech giveaways get their own spot on this list. They’re some of the most useful promotional products you can buy. But beyond their usefulness, tech giveaways are also some of the most popular promotional products.

So, why exactly are tech-related giveaways must-haves for smart marketers? One of the main goals of giveaways is to increase brand exposure, and an effective way to do that is by giving away products that people find valuable. Quality products that are useful and valuable are more likely to be used often—and possibly get shown off.  

Ideas to get you started:

Aluminum Slim Power Bank

Technology Giveaway: Stylish Aluminum Slim Power Bank

Swivel USB Flash Drive

Technology Giveaway: Swivel USB Flash Drive with logo

Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Technology Giveaway: Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Stereo Earbuds

Technology Giveaway: True Wireless Stereo TWS Earbuds

Wireless Charger

Technology Giveaway: Wireless Charger

2. Good, Better, Best Promotional Items

Rather than categorizing promotional items by price point, smart marketers should create “good, better, and best” categories. This will help you get organized at events to have giveaways as needed. For example, some items can be given to everyone who walks by, while others should be reserved for sales reps who are connecting with prospects.  

Create categories with 3-5 products and you’ll be prepared for any situation.  

Ideas to get you started:


Bowie Softy Metal Pen with Rubberized FinishBowie Softy Metal Pen with Rubberized Finish and logos

Spray and Wipe Phone Sanitizer 

Spray and Wipe Phone Sanitizer

SlingGrip Cell Phone Strap

SlingGrip Cell Phone Strap with Facebook logo

Full Color Custom Neoprene Can Insulator 

Full Color Custom Neoprene Can Insulator

Tech Taco

Tech Taco with wire cable inside fold


Express Packable Tote

Express Packable Tote with logo

CableCatch Cable Organizer

CableCatch Cable Organizer

Vienna Hard Bound JournalBook

Vienna Hard Bound JournalBook

Pantone Matched Jacquard Dress Socks

Pantone Matched Jacquard Dress Socks

Pantone Matched Blue Light Glasses

Pantone Matched Blue Light GlassesBest

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Pebble Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Sherpa 11-oz Vacuum Tumbler and Can Insulator

Sherpa 11-oz Vacuum Tumbler and Can Insulator

Basecamp Tundra Water Bottle 

Basecamp Tundra Water Bottle

46" Inversion Umbrella

46" 3-Section Inversion Umbrella

3. Connected Workspace

More employees are now working remotely—companies are transitioning from the typical office setting to working at home or co-working spaces. That being said, smart marketers still have the opportunity to give away promotional products that work for remote employees. Products that are highly useful and make remote working easier are going to resonate well.

Ideas to get you started:

Hard Bound Notebook with Pen Pouch

Connected Workspace Giveaway: Hard Bound Notebook with Pen Pouch

14-oz Copper-Lined Insulated Mug

Connected Workspace Giveaway: 14-oz Copper Lined Insulated Mug with logo

Air Plant (Succulent)

Connected Workspace Giveaway: Air Plant with logo on base cube

Desk Kit with Wireless Charging Pad

Connected Workspace Giveaway: Desk Kit with Wireless Charging Pad

Executive Desk Lamp with Multi-Function Display

Connected Workspace Giveaway: Executive Desk Lamp with Multi-Function Display

Custom Unisex Dye-Sublimated Hoodie 

sweatshirt (1)

Micro Coral Plush Blanket

Connected Workspace Giveaway: Micro Coral Plush Blanket with logo

4. The Item Your Employees Love Giving Away

When promotional products are given genuinely and enthusiastically, they’re so much more successful. That’s why it’s important to have a stock of promotional items that your team members love giving out. In every company there's that one branded item that everyone loves.

Smart marketers know that having giveaways their employees actually enjoy handing out (and using themselves) is a necessity. It creates brand advocates, turning your team members into promoters of your brand.

Ideas to get you started:

PopSocketCustom PopSocket on back of red phone

25-oz Concord Water Bottle

25-oz Concord Water Bottle

Crumbee Desk Vacuum

Crumbee Desk Vacuum

ApPeel Medio Slim Journal

ApPeel Medio Slim Journal

Brume Mini Humidifier

Brume Mini Humidifier

5. Promotional Items that are Fun and Stand Out

Your giveaways shouldn’t be all business, all the time; sometimes it’s important to show a fun side of your company. If you want to stand out to your consumers, try giving away items that are a little outside of the box.

These are the types of products that will make you consumers say, “Wow!” They help your business by leaving a positive lasting impression. Plus, it’ll show that your team has fun and loves what they do. When the time is right, giving away fun promotional items can brighten anyone’s day.

Ideas to get you started:

Pearl Putty

Creative Giveaway: Pearl Putty in containers

Emoji Stress Buster Stress Reliever

Creative Giveaway:  Sunglass Emoji Stress Reliever

Mini Bubble Gum Machine

Creative Giveaway: Mini Bubble Gum Machine

MopTopper Eye-Popping Phone Stand

Creative Giveaway: MopTopper Phone Stand

MopTopper Spinner Pen

Creative Giveaway: MopTopper Spinner Pen

Tangle Puzzle

Creative Giveaway: Tangle Puzzle

Key Takeaways

So what makes a promotional product good to keep on hand? Here are the key factors to consider when ordering giveaway items:

  • Usefulness
  • Quality
  • Creativity

Keep in mind these key takeaways and items above when deciding which products to stock up on. You’ll effectively promote your brand with these must-have giveaway products.

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This post was originally published August 3, 2016