Benefits of Letting Your Team Pick Branded Swag (+How to Do It)

The best gifts are the ones you choose for yourself. Discover how you can let your employees select their own branded swag with an online pop-up shop.

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Benefits of letting your team pick branded swag

Gifting your employees branded swag is a tried-and-tested way to show your business’s appreciation for all the hard work your employees put in. 

Whether it’s a holiday gift or the celebration of a major milestone, branded swag doesn’t just boost employee morale – it’s also a game changer for your brand’s visibility. 

However, picking the right company swag for employees can be a challenge. 

Everyone has different tastes: some employees might love a custom branded backpack for their next outdoor adventure, whereas others prefer swag they can relax at home with. That’s why it’s often best to let employees pick their own branded swag. 

Let’s explore the benefits of this approach, then explore how you can let your team pick their gifts by setting up your own online pop-up shop

4 Reasons to Let Your Employees Pick Their Branded Swag

Allowing your employees to select their own company branded swag is an approach that has many benefits: for you and your employees. Let’s take a look at some of the most important. 

1. Everyone Gets Swag They Love

Every company is a diverse collection of individuals. That means everyone has different tastes, interests, and hobbies. And if you’re gifting company branded apparel, everyone has different clothing sizes that fit them best. 

Letting your team pick their own branded swag ensures everyone gets something that 1) they love, and 2) fits them perfectly. This doesn’t just benefit your employees – it also benefits your business. 

If your employees love the branded swag they receive, you can bet they’ll use or wear it far more often. Every time your employees wear their new company branded apparel or break out a custom branded notebook at a conference, your brand will be seen by countless people – adding up to a significant increase in brand visibility. 

2. Your Team Saves Time

If your team wants to work smarter, not harder, allowing your employees to select their own branded swag is a home run. 

Instead of having to collect everyone’s information, decide on the right swag items to buy, and organize the swag shipment once it arrives, you can have pretty much everything done for you. All you’ll have to do is select a few items for employees to pick from – a swag menu, if you will. 

Outsourcing all of these activities delivers a better employee experience while freeing your team up to spend more time on other projects, creating a win-win scenario for you and your employees. 

3. Employees Feel More Appreciated

When employees receive branded gifts they love, they feel more appreciated by your company. If you pick company branded swag for your employees, you might get lucky and select the perfect gift every so often, but when you allow them to pick their own, you’ll strike gold every time. 

There are all kinds of benefits to improving the effectiveness of your employee appreciation efforts. When you do a better job rewarding your employees, they’ll do a better job for you. Your employees are your business, and when you give them the power to pick their own gifts, you can bet they’ll be more likely to go the extra mile when duty calls. 

4. Better Value for Money

By allowing employees to pick their own branded gifts, your business will get better value for money than if it selected gifts for employees. 

The swag items you buy won’t necessarily be any less expensive, but they’ll be used and worn far more, giving you a superior return on your investment. Instead of purchasing swag items that will collect dust in a closet, your business’s branding will be out in the world for everyone to see, proudly displayed on everything from company branded apparel to travel coffee cups

How to Let Your Team Pick Their Branded Gifts with Online Pop-Up Shops

By far, the best way to let your team pick their own branded gifts is to establish an online swag pop-up store. An online swag pop-up store is an online store stocked with pre-approved company swag products for your employees to choose from. The store stays online for two or three weeks, during which employees are invited to pick out their own branded swag.  

The best way to create an online pop-up shop is to partner with a firm like GoDelta. Our Brand Consultants will work with you to select products you’d like to include: around 10 - 12 items are sufficient to provide a good range of choice. From there, our team will design your online shop, complete with your branding and colorways, and handle all of the backend setup required to ensure things run smoothly. 

Once that’s done, you’re ready: just invite your employees to choose their own branded swag items! 

Ready to Create an Online Pop-Up Shop for Your Branded Swag?

An online pop-up shop is a fantastic way to allow your team to select their own company branded swag. It’s an approach to employee appreciation that unlocks all kinds of benefits for businesses, marketing teams, HR departments, and the employees they serve. 

If you’re ready to create a branded swag online pop-up shop for your business, our team is here to help. Reach out to a GoDelta Brand Consultant and we’ll walk you through every step of the process and show you how to create a unique pop-up shop for your business. 

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