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When big ideas, creative marketing, and powerful technology come together, the results can be remarkable.

This is the story of how one Delta Marketing Group client rose to the challenge of transforming the way Farrell Properties attracts leads and nurtures prospects, all while taking brave steps with their company’s branding to tie it all together. If “one of the busiest periods to date” sounds good to you, keep reading to find out how we did it!

Meet Farrell Properties

Farrell Properties is a leading developer and manager of residential properties in Burlington, Vermont. Farrell’s buildings are known for their convenient locations, contemporary finishes, and considerate amenities. For Farrell, the details make the difference. They believe in building modern residences designed for the way people want to live today.

Recently, Farrell began their biggest development project yet. They are planning not just a single building, but an entire community. Cambrian Rise is being designed as a sustainable living community incorporating residential buildings, commercial space, a park, greenhouses, recreation paths, and more. The entire project will take more than 10 years to complete.

Cambrian Rise Aerial Photo

Challenge #1

Quickly fill 16 new construction apartments

A property manager’s true KPI is their occupancy rate. In an ideal world, every unit in an apartment building would be occupied every month. After all, an empty unit is directly translated as lost revenue.

Liberty House, a newly renovated historical building and the first available for rent in the new community, still had 16 available units when Farrell began working with Delta. Farrell Properties’ primary goal was to fill all of the available units in Liberty House. They also needed to generate a pipeline of qualified leads who were interested in living in their upcoming apartments and condominiums—ones that hadn’t yet been built!

What wasn’t working

  • Craigslist ads, print ads, and word of mouth were not generating enough prospective residents
  • There was no waiting list or pipeline once an existing resident ended their lease
  • Farrell’s existing CRM specifically designed for property managers wasn’t enough on its own to manage marketing and sales
  • The full community has not yet been built, yet awareness and buzz need to be generated

Here is what we did

Strategic Marketing Plan

Before launching any marketing tactics, Delta Marketing Group worked with Farrell Properties to develop a Strategic Marketing Plan. We focused on identifying key Buyer Personas. Nothing like Cambrian Rise has ever been built in Burlington, VT, so targeting the right Buyer Personas was critical to the success of Farrell’s digital marketing initiatives.

Website Design

Cambrian Rise needed its own distinct website to serve as a hub of education about the development project as well as a lead generation tool. Delta worked directly with Appfolio, Farrell’s property management software partner, to integrate their Listings feature with a new conversion-focused WordPress site for Cambrian Rise. When a visitor fills out an apartment application, they become a lead in Appfolio.

Content Marketing

We created The Complete Guide to Cambrian Rise FAQs as a top-of-the-funnel offer for converting website visitors.The Cambrian Rise blog serves as a hub of resources for prospective residents, current residents, and the general public who are curious about project news and updates.

Social Media Advertising

Using the custom photos and video to drive visitors to targeted Cambrian Rise landing pages, we generated over 270 website visitors and 4 new contacts with Facebook advertising.

Pipeline Generation

Visitors to the Cambrian Rise website are encouraged to “Join the Waitlist” to be among the first to know when new units are available.

Video marketing provided direct R.O.I.

Anyone who’s ever searched for a new place to live knows how important photos are to making decisions. To drive interest in Liberty House with prospective renters, we took that a step further.

In addition to photographing each of the available units for listings, Delta produced a custom video showing all of Liberty House’s amenities and hosted the video on Wistia. The goal of the video was to spark interest and excitement in prospective renters so that they would visit the Available Properties page and/or fill out an application.


Total Plays


Average Engagement


Play Rate


Here's what's working

Inbound marketing directly filled 45% of available units

45 contacts added to Waitlist and 36% conversion rate on Waitlist landing page

Middle-of-funnel eBook offer has 39% conversion rate

Top-of-funnel video has 83% engagement rate

Challenge #2

Fill 17 vacancies during a challenging season

This winter, Farrell Properties unexpectedly found themselves with 17 vacancies across their multiple buildings. Winter in Vermont is an especially brutal time to rent apartments. After strategizing with Farrell about running a short-term lease and winter specials campaign, we effectively used several tactics to bring Farrell leads during these, especially difficult months.

Here is what we did


A landing page highlighting the winter leasing specials encouraged visitors to fill out a form and request additional information.

Farrell Website Call-to-action
Farrell Social media Advertising
Farrell Landing Page

Here's what's working

Calls-to-action had a 7.14% click-through rate

JUST $30 generated 50 unique website visits via Facebook advertising

Campaign landing page generated 6 leads who closed into customers

All phone leads who converted to customers referenced the Winter Leasing Special from the website

Challenge #3

Generate a qualified waitlist for pre-construction condo sales

Despite 180 planned condos in the neighborhood not yet being built, Farrell Properties needed to generate prospects for condo ownership at Cambrian Rise to prove the concept as well as have a reliable source of revenue for when they break ground.

Here is what we did

  • Landing Page
  • Lead Generation Workflow
Cambrian Rise Landing Page
Cambrian Rise Email

Here's what's working

Lead-nurturing questionnaire has 40% conversion rate

Follow-up workflow email has a 70% open rate

Generated enough leads to fill 50% condo pre-bookings

Results Roundup

  • Rented 16 new construction units in 6 weeks
  • Filled 17 vacancies during a slow period
  • Generated enough new contacts to fill 70% of new construction condos
  • Generated a qualified waiting list or prospective renters for other Farrell properties

"Delta's approach to our marketing has made a big impact on how we are able to support our leasing & sales agents with qualified leads.

Delta's approach to our marketing has made a big impact on how we are able to support our leasing and sales agents with qualified leads. Starting with a Strategic Marketing Plan gave our marketing initiatives focused direction as we prepared to launch the biggest neighborhood development in our company’s history. With Delta’s marketing efforts, we were able to fill a record number of vacancies quickly during one of our most challenging rental seasons. We have also been able to generate waitlists for our multiple residences, giving us a full pipeline of potential residents."

Eric Farrell, President of Farrell Properties

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