Digital Agency Deepens Client and Employee Engagement with Branded Merchandise


Bowe Digital, a full-service marketing agency, uses a remote workforce to meet the needs of over 200 global clients. Leadership wanted to boost employee morale and nurture client relationships by distributing branded merchandise but struggled to find the right items.

GoDelta sourced over 50 unique promotional items that resonated with recipients and reflected the agency’s values and services. We also created custom corporate gift boxes to help the agency strengthen existing client relationships.

Services Provided

  • Strategy
  • Branded Merchandise
  • Swag Boxes
  • Fullfilment & Logistics
Client Testimonial

"The difference was they listened and guided us. GoDelta’s ideas were really above par compared to so many others, but by understanding our clients and our needs, they were able to help set our brand apart from other companies."

Wayne Stanley

Wayne Stanley

Owner & Chief Inspiration Officer

Bowe Digital


With a remote workforce and few opportunities to meet face-to-face with clients, Bowe Digital needed to personalize its brand and customer experience. Leadership recognized the power that promotional products could have, but struggled with finding items that resonated with their target personas and reflected the services they offered.

"I knew that we needed to give away swag. We started with cheap post-it notes, but it wasn't enough. We needed something that set us apart from everyone else. We wanted to be known for giving away quality products that matched the quality of work we were doing for clients."

- Wayne Stanley, Owner and Chief Inspiration Officer of Bowe Digital

Finding the right promotional product distributor was key. Bowe Digital needed a reliable partner who understood their goals and had the strategic capabilities to select products based on their ideal personas.


Through a series of extensive discovery meetings, we uncovered Bowe Digital’s goals, challenges, and opportunities and created a project timeline to achieve these desired outcomes.

  • Increase brand recognition 
  • Forge deeper client relationships  
  • Distribute higher-quality promo items 
  • Boost remote engagement and morale


Here’s how we used branded merchandise to help Bowe Digital stand out in a saturated market.

High-Quality Promotional Products

When searching for high-quality promotional items that reflect the value of Bowe Digital’s services, it was important to find new, forward-thinking, and trending promo items. The products they invested in needed to reflect the innovative minds behind the brand.

GoDelta identified and sourced over 50 unique items for the marketing agency to hand out as tradeshow giveaways, client gifts, virtual event swag, and employee appreciation rewards. Once the products were chosen, our in-house graphic designers created digital mockups that incorporated key brand elements and strategic messaging. We packed and shipped each order, ensuring items arrived safely and on time.

Bowe-Digital-Koozie-Mug-TumblerView the Collection

Employee Appreciation Gifts

When it came to employee appreciation, one of the most successful gifts was a customized Bluetooth speaker. This gift boosted workforce morale, demonstrating how much leadership valued their hard work and dedication.

"We personalized every item with each of our team member’s name, and people lost their minds over it. They weren’t even that expensive; it was definitely worth the investment."

- Wayne Stanley, Owner and Chief Inspiration Officer of Bowe Digital


Corporate Gift Boxes

Our team created custom corporate gift boxes to help Bowe Digital strengthen relationships with its existing clientele. Summer was right around the corner, so we got creative and designed a beach-themed kit that included branded sunscreen, aloe vera, and customized sunglasses.

We included a call-to-action (CTA) inside the kit asking recipients to post photos with their swag items using a branded hashtag, and the winner with the best photo would receive a free TV. This strategy helped Bowe Digital build a personal connection with its clients while receiving user-generated content that could be used in future marketing campaigns.


Bowe Digital successfully strengthened relationships with its clients and remote workforce by distributing thoughtful promotional products that reflect its brand values. Bowe Digital now has an impressive 89% closing rate, in part because they use memorable promo items to convert trade show leads into valuable customers.

"Every conference that we go to now, we get at least one new client. I’d happily share that credit to the team at GoDelta."

- Wayne Stanley, Owner and Chief Inspiration Officer of Bowe Digital

Through creative contests, customized corporate gifts, and strategic messaging, Bowe Digital established a unique name for itself, even in the highly saturated digital marketing industry. Our team continues to work with Bowe Digital to develop new and exciting ways to promote their brand.