Music App Company Boosts Attendee Engagement with Branded Event Giveaways

Overview, a social loyalty app for concert attendees, hosted experiential booths at all 38 stops of the 2018 Vans Warped Tour. wanted its booth to provide a memorable brand experience for concert-goers and turned to GoDelta for support.

We devised a strategy – curating and designing unique event giveaways for to distribute via an interactive prize wheel. Filled with fun and functional items, the prize wheel provided an exciting and engaging way to increase brand visibility, create buzz, and capture the attention of thousands of music fans at each tour stop.

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Client Testimonial

"After working on’s swag items for the tour, I was invited to attend one of the stops in Boston, MA, where I was able to meet everyone and see all of the items come to life. I was able to see behind the scenes and understand the popularity of the items we chose for the events. This helped with strategizing giveaway ideas for the next year and helped us foster our relationship further. I have now worked with Vans Warped Tour and other sponsors year after year, sourcing the best swag items for concert attendees!"

Melinda Lathrop

Melinda Lathrop

Senior Account Manager



For a startup app company, nothing is more important than building a loyal audience. And that’s just what set out to do when they sponsored the 2018 Vans Warped Tour, the largest traveling music festival in the U.S.

With the app, users can earn rewards and credits for attending shows. Since they’re all about the music, getting in front of the Warped Tour audience was a perfect way to spread brand awareness to their ideal buyer personas.

The 2018 Warped Tour sold over half a million tickets across 38 cities, so the opportunity to introduce thousands of people to the brand was massive. When approached GoDelta about creating branded giveaways for the tour, they were looking for a strategic partner who could handle every aspect of the project, from product strategy and sourcing to custom design and shipping. GoDelta was more than ready to step up to the challenge.

Goals ran an experiential booth where visitors could interact, engage, and connect with the brand on a personal level. The main attraction was a large prize wheel where visitors could win special branded items. had the following criteria for their prize giveaways:


Warped Tour’s target audience is teenagers, so knew their event giveaways needed to be cool. The goal was to provide products the attendees would love to wear and use throughout the event.

Unique did not want to simply add their logo to generic products. They wanted to use this event as an opportunity to create a cohesive collection of high-quality branded items that were unique to their company and represented their culture.


Warped Tour shows take place outside, no matter the weather. wanted to tailor its giveaways for concert-goers spending hours in the hot summer sun.


Here’s how we used branded merchandise to turn up the volume on’s brand.

High-Quality Event Giveaways

GoDelta identified and sourced 10 unique promotional products for to give away as prizes at its event booth. We worked closely with them to select a cohesive collection of high-quality branded items that were unique to their brand and represented their culture.

Each promotional item was custom designed and prominently featured the logo. Using the company’s owl logo as a jumping-off point, our in-house graphic designers created variations incorporating key brand elements and strategic messaging.


Shipping and Logistics

Shipping thousands of items to the venues took a lot of planning. There was only a small window for delivery, and if the packages were late, would have no items for their booth. selected 10 promotional items to use throughout the tour, and a different combination of the items would be given away at each venue. The GoDelta team worked directly with the swag vendors to coordinate 56 drop-shipments to get the right items to the right locations at the right time. We provided detailed tracking notifications so that the team would know exactly when their packages were delivered and could plan accordingly.


The experiential marketing campaign succeeded, with thousands of branded items distributed to attendees. Video content from the prize wheels drove social media engagement and further boosted’s presence at each tour stop. Our event giveaway strategy helped build brand hype, foster meaningful relationships, and deliver a truly unforgettable brand experience for concert-goers.

Pulling off the strategy, planning, and logistics for one of the largest traveling concert series in American history was no easy feat, but GoDelta took on the challenge head-on. The best part? Every single item was delivered on time and within budget for the entire duration of the concert series.