Regional Fire Protection Company Increases Traffic and Leads


FireProTec, a leading fire protection service provider across Vermont, New Hampshire, and Northern New York, had ambitions to grow. However, traditional marketing techniques like direct mail, print advertising, and email marketing weren’t generating qualified leads.

GoDelta built out a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy, including local SEO, content marketing, and a website redesign to increase organic website traffic and lead generation for the fire protection company.

Services Provided

  • Consulting
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Design and Creative
  • Web Design

HubSpot Services

  • Marketing Pro
  • Sales Pro
  • Custom Reports


Increase in website visits


Increase in monthly inbound leads


Increase in new contacts

Client Testimonial

"There are few vendors with whom we have had such and long and successful relationship as Delta Marketing Group. We completely changed the direction of our digital marketing to a lead-generating program that has provided us with leads for our sales reps and a better R.O.I. on our marketing investment. Delta has delivered in every respect."

Robert Gauthier

Robert Gauthier




CEO Robert Gauthier evaluated his marketing spend at a traditional agency and recognized that it wasn’t measurable nor provided an ROI that justified continuing with conventional marketing tactics.

Gauthier shared, “We have no idea if our marketing is working, and we are certainly not receiving new leads from our website.” The existing website wasn’t optimized to convert visitors through lead-capture forms and lacked a responsive design. The website was slow and difficult to navigate, resulting in higher bounce rates and lower search engine rankings. 

FireProTec didn’t have a written marketing plan or a system to track marketing results. Leadership’s ultimate goal was to grow FireProTec regionally with a different approach —but they weren’t entirely sure what that should look like.


Through a series of extensive discovery meetings, we uncovered FireProTec’s goals, challenges, and opportunities and created a project timeline to achieve these desired outcomes.

  • Develop a marketing and sales plan
  • Launch a responsive website
  • Consolidate tech stack
  • Publish educational content 
  • Create a social media strategy 
  • Track and follow up with inbound leads


Here’s how we built an inbound marketing machine that would position FireProTec for continual growth in a competitive regional market.

Strategic Growth Plan

It all starts with a plan - strategy before tactics. We delivered a comprehensive strategic growth plan outlining buyer personas, brand messaging, and relevant industry keywords.

The final deliverable included short and long-term marketing strategies for brand awareness and lead generation. These tactics included HubSpot implementation, content marketing, social media, local SEO, and launching a new user-friendly website.

"Our relationship with DMG began with a comprehensive marketing plan that provided FireProTec with a clear direction, and I feel like someone finally understands what we do and recognizes the opportunities we have." 

- Robert Gauthier, President of FireProTec


Quick Wins Program

Before working with GoDelta, FireProTec was difficult to find in online search results. They didn’t show up for keywords related to their industry or their services, and their lack of online visibility was causing lackluster website traffic.

We implemented a 30 day quick wins program to repair the company’s rankings and visibility in local search results. Tactics included:

  • Optimizing their Google Business Profile
  • Setting up a Facebook Business Page
  • Publishing blogs with locally targeted keywords
  • Sharing news and updates about each FireProTec location
  • Curating location-specific reviews and testimonials for social proof
  • Creating location-based website pages to capture local search traffic

WordPress Website

FireProTec’s outdated, brochure-style website lacked functionality, mobile responsiveness, and a clear conversion path for visitors. GoDelta developed a dynamic and responsive WordPress website that could quickly adapt to evolving needs.


The new site effectively showcases the company's essential services, redesigned with engaging visuals, easy-to-follow navigation, and accessible call-to-action buttons to foster lead generation. The conversion-focused site added a ton of functionality, and the intuitive interface made it easier for their marketing team to add new pages and content to support future growth initiatives.

HubSpot Implementation

Previously, FireProTec wasn’t tracking its website traffic, conversions, keyword rankings, or any measurable marketing metrics. They also didn’t have an organized contact database to help them with sales outreach.

GoDelta identified HubSpot as the ideal solution because it provides a unified and scalable platform that simplifies data management and facilitates inbound selling, marketing, and service. We configured their portal, migrated existing data, created custom dashboards, and trained their team to use HubSpot effectively.

Content Marketing

GoDelta executed an SEO-driven content marketing strategy targeting different buyers’ journey stages and keywords. We created various types of content to attract, educate, and convert target personas, such as blogs, long-form pillar pages, landing pages, social media posts, videos, and eBooks. Educational content was subsequently shared on Facebook and LinkedIn during periods of high engagement to maximize reach and exposure.

In one year, an eBook titled “Workplace Fire Safety: Your Complete Guide” garnered over 1,800 views and generated 646 submissions with a conversion rate of 34.43%.



FireProTec’s website traffic, which had been stagnant up to that point, increased month-over-month almost immediately. In just eight months, organic website traffic grew from 133 visits per month to 7,897, while monthly inbound leads increased by 350%.

3,233% Increase in Monthly Contacts


826% Increase in Page Views


Supported by an inbound marketing machine, FireProTec achieved regional success and was shortly acquired by Impact Fire, an industry leader with 35+ districts across the United States. Impact Fire’s leaders were so impressed by FireProTec’s marketing that they hired GoDelta to duplicate the results at a national level. With its national presence, Impact Fire now leverages FireProTec content and contacts to support its extensive network of sales teams.

1,621% Increase in Website Visits