Building Supply Company Generates Leads With Inbound Marketing


Trowel Trades Supply, a regional supplier of building materials, masonry products, and architectural stone, struggled to generate new leads and capitalize on business growth opportunities due to an outdated website and sales approach.

Leadership approached GoDelta to help revamp their inbound marketing strategy. We developed a comprehensive strategic growth plan, introduced quick-win tactics, built a user-friendly website, implemented HubSpot CRM, and executed an SEO-driven content marketing strategy to increase lead generation.

Services Provided

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Design and Creative
  • Web Design

HubSpot Services

  • Marketing Pro
  • Sales Pro
  • Custom Reports


Increase in website visits


Increase in qualified leads


Increase in inbound leads

Client Testimonial

"We hired GoDelta several years ago to help us build a new website, create an inbound marketing program using Hubspot, and bring us into the 21st century regarding our company's marketing efforts. On time and on budget, these projects were completed. David and his dynamic staff, who are certified with the most current social media methods and strategies, have designed a more current and effective marketing platform for our business. Always pleasant and professional, their team and ours have become good friends. I can highly recommend GoDelta to anyone looking for a marketing partner. They will certainly meet or exceed your expectations!"


Richard Vaughan


Trowel Trades Supply


Trowel Trades Supply was approaching its 50th anniversary as a company. While business was continuing steadily, it wasn’t receiving organic leads due to its antiquated website.

As a regional company, Trowel Trades had untapped opportunities it wasn’t able to reach with a legacy approach to sales. The company had just added a new line of building materials and needed a strategy to build demand from architects and commercial contractors.

Leadership realized that the absence of a well-defined strategy was impeding marketing and sales efforts. They came to GoDelta with the following challenges:

  • The website wasn’t set up to help visitors find what they needed
  • The website wasn’t structured with a clear conversion path
  • The resource library was unstructured and infrequently updated
  • Pre-existing content was low-quality and lacked on-page SEO
  • Sales reps didn’t have a CRM to help with outreach


Through a series of extensive discovery meetings, we uncovered Trowel Trades’ goals, challenges, and opportunities and created a project timeline to achieve these desired outcomes.

  • Develop a short and long-term marketing & sales plan
  • Consolidate their tech stack using HubSpot
  • Launch a new growth-driven website
  • Learn how to use a CRM to improve the sales process
  • Publish educational, SEO-rich content to generate qualified leads


Here’s how we built a custom inbound marketing framework to help Trowel Trades achieve its growth goals.

GoDelta developed a comprehensive strategic growth plan outlining ideal customer profiles (ICPs), brand messaging, and relevant industry keywords. We leveraged existing client data to define the additional buyer personas needed for Trowel Trades' new product line.

The final deliverable included short- and long-term marketing tactics for driving demand. These tactics included HubSpot implementation, content marketing, local SEO, and launching a new user-friendly website.

"GoDelta has delivered for us time and time again. All of their staff offer friendly, knowledgeable, and professional insights that help move our business forward." 

- Eric Mootz, Trowel Trades Supply

30 Day Quick Wins Program

Within the first 30 days, we implemented a quick wins program that focused on optimizing pre-existing content and repairing local search engine rankings. Tactics included:

  • Setting up social media accounts
  • Optimizing Google Business Profile listing
  • Publishing content with locally targeted keywords
  • Curating location-specific reviews and testimonials for social proof

Website Development

The company’s existing website lacked functionality and a clear conversion path for visitors. We launched a new user-friendly website, redesigned with engaging visuals, easy-to-follow navigation, and accessible call-to-action buttons to enhance lead generation efforts. Built on WordPress, the new website is easier to manage independently, enabling Trowel Trades to add pages and content at their convenience and as necessary.


We also optimized the website copy and added the company’s mission, "to lead, not to follow; to deliver excellence; and to set the standards in product selection, technical expertise, and customer service," which was missing from its homepage.

HubSpot Implementation

Trowel Trades wasn’t previously tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) or collecting qualified leads. GoDelta implemented HubSpot as it provides a unified and scalable platform that simplifies data management and facilitates inbound selling, marketing, and customer service.

We configured the portal in the first week and onboarded the team with 1:1 coaching and training on essential features. The team swiftly embraced HubSpot and now leverages the platform to efficiently manage contacts and accelerate deal closures.

Content Marketing 

GoDelta executed an SEO-driven content marketing strategy targeting different buyers’ journey stages and keywords. We created various types of content, such as blogs, long-form pillar pages, landing pages, social media posts, and eBooks, to attract, educate, and convert Trowel Trades Supply’s ideal customers.

One of their top-performing assets was an eBook titled "Landscape with Stone Idea Book." Educational resources like this helped position Trowel Trades as a thought leader in their industry and the clear choice for building, masonry, and architectural stone needs. This persona-based content marketing strategy continues to bring qualified leads to its sales team.



Organic website traffic and blog readership increased, resulting in a 694% increase in inbound leads generated straight from blog content.

GoDelta provided Trowel Trades with the gift that keeps on giving - a constantly growing pipeline of leads for the sales team to nurture, which will build future business for the company. Trowel Trades’ new growth-driven website and evergreen content can be used year after year to generate sales-qualified leads. In fact, Trowel Trades was shortly acquired by Gypsum Management & Supply (GMS) and the resources we developed are still in place – generating traffic, leads, and sales even today.

260% Increase in Website Visits


448% Increase in Sales Leads