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Yes, You Need Employee Recruitment Giveaways for Your Next Career Fair

Yes, You Need Employee Recruitment Giveaways for Your Next Career Fair

Cathy Houston Written by: Cathy Houston |

Job-seekers are the ones who have to do all the hard work at career fairs, right? Wrong!

Career fairs are just as important as trade shows when it comes to representing your brand. Many businesses don’t even consider this fact because they’re under the impression that the job hunters are the ones under pressure. The truth is, companies that want to attract the best talent should strive to impress prospective employees just as much as job-seekers that are eager to make an impression.

This is why employee recruitment giveaways are essential for successful career fairs. After all, think of how much of a difference promotional products make when used as trade show giveaways.

Don’t slack on creating the perfect career fair experience. Here are 5 reasons why you need employee recruitment giveaways for your next career fair:

1. Attract more prospective employees

Just because someone shows up at a career fair doesn’t mean they would be a good fit for your company. That’s why you want to attract top talent with high-quality, useful promotional products. For example, at trade shows, promotional products have been proven to increase booth traffic. The more prospective employees you come into contact with, the higher the likelihood of finding the right candidates.

2. Create a connection to your brand

Put yourself in the shoes of a job-seeker. Meeting professionals from multiple companies (or just one company) can be intimidating! Employee recruitment giveaways are great for breaking the ice. For example, they can make for a great conversation starter, or a perfect parting gift for prospective employees to remember your business by.

3. Send a positive message

…about your brand, of course! Think of it this way: giving away thoughtful items to prospective employees shows that your brand respects and appreciates employee contributions to your organization. The gesture of using employee recruitment giveaways represents the pleasant working environment your business has to offer.

4. Set the tone for your organization

In other words, career fair giveaways offer a way for prospective employees to get a snapshot of your business. This means that it’s important to choose the appropriate giveaways because the products you choose reflect your brand. Your brand will come off as thoughtful and professional if you offer a useful tote bag compared to a company that’s giving away cheap pens.

How much are you willing to spend to acquire a stellar new employee? Remember that the promotional products you choose should reflect your appreciation for hard-working employees, so don’t slack on your career fair duties by ordering cheap promo items. Collaborate with a brand specialist, like me, to discuss employee recruitment giveaways that are right for your brand.

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Orignially published on May 17, 2016, updated on March 26, 2019

Topic: Promotional Products