12 Self Care Gifts to Support Your Team’s Mental Health

If you’re looking to get your employees on the right path to wellness in the workplace, consider gifting them items that encourage self-care. From spa-inspired gifts to chocolate, this list of self-care gift ideas will surely satisfy your whole team.

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A selection of the top self care gifts to support employee mental health

Mental health is more central to employee experience now than at any time in the past. According to the American Psychological Association’s 2022 Work and Well-being Survey, 81% of individuals consider mental health support when looking for new job opportunities.

Employees now expect their employer to provide mental health benefits, whether that’s Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), flexible work environments, or great health insurance. If your company is looking to go above and beyond for its employees, consider giving out employee self care gifts

Self care gifts show your employees just how much you care about them. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing gifts for self care, from leafy plants that brighten up any workspace to candles and aromatherapy gifts that will help your employees unwind away from the office. 

Best Employee Self Care Gifts

As an employer, taking care of your employees’ physical and mental health should always be a top priority. Happy, healthy employees are more productive, and besides that, investing in your employees’ mental health is just the right thing to do. 

Consider the self care gift ideas outlined below as you start to plan future employee gifts. These relaxing gifts will show your employees just how much you care about them, both inside and outside of the workplace. 

1. Inspirational Coloring Book

Inspirational-Coloring-BookAdult coloring books are extremely popular. They’re great for relaxing, even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time. You can add your company’s logo to the front of this inspirational coloring book for a small self care gift. Give these out at your next marketing or social event to win over the crowd – just wait until the end of the event, or you might have a distracted audience to deal with! 

2. Neck Wrap

Neck-WrapEnjoy a spa experience throughout the day with this customizable weighted neck wrap. Similar to a weighted blanket, the wrap is ideal for relieving stress after a long day of meetings or events, making it the perfect gift for busy professionals. 

3. Wizzard Comfort Stylus Spinner Pen

Wizzard-Comfort-Stylus-Spinner-PenLet out some tension with this Wizzard Comfort Stylus Spinner Pen. The gift combines the best aspects of a fidget spinner and a pen to make your employees’ writing experience truly unique. In addition, the pen can be imprinted with a silver engraving or a full-color print for a personalized touch. It’s the perfect promotional gift for your next corporate giveaway.

4. Ceramic Planter Set

Ceramic-Planter-SetAdd a little tranquility to your office space with this beautiful ceramic planter set. Each set includes a ceramic planter, bamboo legs, a seed packet, and a peat pellet, so you have everything you need to showcase some natural beauty in your home or office.

5. Chocolate Greeting Cards

Chocolate-Greeting-CardsWhat do you get when you combine a greeting card with a chocolate bar? Outstanding employee self care gifts! Your employees will love the sea salt caramel dark chocolate, which is handmade using Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients. This one-of-a-kind promotional gift allows you to send a thoughtful card and a tasty treat, all at once! Various pre-designed cards are available with further options for custom designs. 

6. The Mindfulness Journal

The-Mindfulness-JournalEveryone needs space to get their thoughts out, and this Mindfulness Journal provides the perfect venue. With guided prompts, this journal keeps your employees centered to combat stress and anxiety. This journal also provides an introduction to the concept of mindfulness and contains a number of simple exercises that can be completed anywhere. 

7. Modern Sprout® Rooted Candle

Modern-Sprout-Rooted-CandleThis soy-blend candle brings a pleasant smell to any home or office. The Modern Sprout® Rooted Candle also includes an organic seed packet, meaning your employees can grow a plant in the ceramic vessel once the candle burns down. This self care gift idea will last a long time and serve multiple purposes. In addition, the gift comes in a beautiful box ready to be immediately given!

8. Cactus Stress Buster™

Cactus-Stress-BusterThe Cactus Stress Buster™ is a cross between a stress ball and a plushy. The rubber ball is filled with gel beads, but the outside is designed to look like a stuffed cactus. The plush toy includes an inspirational embroidered phrase and one location imprint for your company’s logo. If this cute gift doesn’t make your employees smile, we’re not sure what will! 

9. Essential Oil Aroma Fragrance Diffuser Air Humidifier

Essential-Oil-Diffuser-Air-HumidifierAromatherapy is a popular stress reliever. This Essential Oil Aroma Fragrance Diffuser Air Humidifier is a great self care gift idea for your next employee appreciation campaign. The diffuser includes a 7-color LED light to add a little extra color and a pleasant scent to your employees’ workspaces. Natural essential oils generate a soothing environment in the home or office. 

10. BeWell™ Flaxseed Heat Therapy 3D Eye Mask

BeWell-3D-Eye-MaskHelp your employees get comfortable when they take a break from their hectic work schedule with the BeWell™ Flaxseed Heat Therapy 3D Eye Mask. Whether they’re taking a nap after a long day at the office or simply relaxing for a few minutes, you can be sure this self care gift will serve its purpose. All your employees have to do is microwave this eye mask for moist heat therapy treatment at any time.

11. Tranquil Zzz White Noise Sound Sleep Machine

Tranquil-Noise-Sound-Sleep-MachineGive your employees the gift of a good night’s sleep with the Tranquil Zzz White Noise Sound Sleep Machine. Six sounds support a soothing sleep environment. These self care gifts can even include your brand’s logo in full color on the front of the machine, and come with a USB-A to USB-C charging cable.  

12. Wooden Stacking Zen Stones Game

Wooden-Stacking-Zen-Stones-GameGive your employees a short break from the workday with this wooden stacking Zen Stone Game. It’s an excellent stress-relieving exercise that stimulates their minds while also allowing them to relax. The game requires a fair amount of concentration and balance, which can be an extremely helpful grounding technique for employees experiencing anxiety. Add your brand’s name to the storage cube to promote your company on the go.

Self Care Gift Ideas for the Office and Beyond

This collection of self care gift ideas is perfect for allowing your employees to find little moments of relaxation in their busy schedules. While they might seem like small gifts, inspiring employees to invest in self care activities has huge mental health benefits. 

If you need help selecting the perfect self care gifts for your next employee appreciation gift, contact a GoDelta brand consultant. We’ll partner with you to review your goals and help you pick the perfect self care gifts for your employees. 

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