Why Promotional Products Make People Happy

Promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising for a reason - here's why promotional products make people happy.

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Why Promotional Products Make People Happy

Remember that 2015 Super Bowl commercial with the lost puppy? It was just one of the many in the Budweiser commercial series detailing the friendship between a Clydesdale and an adorable yellow lab puppy. It’s no doubt why these commercials were so successful; effective advertising elicits emotion that makes its message relatable to viewers.

Despite the immense success of television advertising campaigns like the Budweiser puppy or the Old Spice Guy, promotional gifts are still the most highly regarded form of advertising among consumers, according to ASI. Take a look at what feelings respondents said they had regarding receiving promotional giveaways in ASI's 2016 Global Impressions Study:

Promotional Products

It's no surprise that "happy" is one of the top emotions listed! Like the adorable puppy commercials, promotional products are a hit among consumers because they inspire emotion; they make people happy. Here are 3 reasons why promotional products make people happy:

1. Recipients feel like they are receiving a gift

There’s a whole psychology behind gift-giving, you know. In fact, gift-giving offers psychological benefits because it is a universal way to show interest, appreciation, and gratitude, according to South University.

So, when your company gives away high-quality promotional gifts to customers and prospects, you are inspiring emotions of happiness, purely due to the psychology of gift-giving. Furthermore, you are creating a professional bond that will last. No wonder promotional giveaways are the most highly regarded form of advertising!

2. Thoughtful items make people smile whenever they see them

Remember, promotional items aren’t just a one-time special; they continue to make impressions long after the initial giveaway. In fact, the average amount of time people keep promo products is about 8 months, according to an ASI study. That’s 8 months of the initial recipient being exposed to your brand, as well as any other people that come into contact with the product.

Furthermore, if your marketing team consults a brand specialist and really takes the time to plan a thoughtful product, like a “thank you” or appreciation gift, it will continue to make the recipients happy over time.

3. Promotional products can be silly

Promotional Stylus Pens

They don’t always have to be serious or professional. For example, thousands of funny promotional products exist just for fun! Many brands order silly promotional items for parties or other company bonding events. This way, recipients will associate your brand with happiness and a sense of humor. In fact, some of the most memorable promo products are silly and creative rather than standard and serious.

Story time! One of my clients, an organization in the healthcare industry, was looking for promo items for an upcoming career fair for recruiting new employees. They really wanted an item that was attention-grabbing, yet memorable.

I recommended the Mop Topper Pen pictured above. It is a stylus pen with a silly smiley face that has mop-top hair which doubles as a screen cleaner for touch screen devices. Not only did the client order this silly product, but it was a huge success among the career fair-goers! Furthermore, they have continued to order this product again and again. This story just goes to show that silly promo products can become a part of your marketing strategy and are highly impactful in the right setting.

Bringing Human Connection Back to Advertising

Promotional products are so successful because they are the humanization of advertising. Gift-giving and appealing to emotions is a way to show gratitude, so implement effective advertising in your marketing with promotional giveaways that make people happy.

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