What is Corporate Gifting? (+Benefits and Best Occasions)

Explore the benefits of corporate gifting and key occasions to send them. Plus, some actionable tips for choosing the best ones for your clients, prospects, and employees.

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What is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting strategies are a tried-and-tested way to strengthen relationships with a variety of stakeholders, from your business’s customers to its employees.

Think back to the last time you received a great gift. It might be something practical that you use every day or a thoughtful item that you cherish. Regardless of what the gift was, we bet it strengthened your relationship with the person who gave it to you. Corporate gifting works the same way. These renewed relationships, however, are only possible when your business gets its strategy right. 

Let's explore corporate gifting and the key occasions to send them, before concluding with some actionable tips for choosing the best ones for your clients, prospects, and employees. 

Corporate Gifting: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?  

Corporate gifting occurs when a business gives gifts to clients, partners, and employees. These gifts can have many purposes: to strengthen relationships, boost brand awareness, or simply to show your business’s appreciation. 

The gifts you give should be driven by the occasion, your budget, and the recipients of your gifts. While most people think of corporate holiday gifts, there are far more occasions for gift-giving: new contracts, anniversaries, big product launches, and more. 

It’s well-documented that investing in corporate gifts is a winning strategy. Giving a prospect a memorable corporate gift makes them more likely to become a customer. Sending luxury gifts to VIP clients boosts retention. And sending employees custom corporate gifts boosts loyalty and engagement. 

Key Benefits of Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is all about building stronger relationships with the people that matter most to your business, from your clients to your employees. Thoughtful gifts will do far more than just strengthen your relationships: they’ll also have a tangible impact on the success of your business. 

The benefits you can expect to see from a corporate gifting strategy depend on whom you choose to give the gifts to. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits for each different type of stakeholder:

  • Prospective Clients: Sending a corporate gift to a prospective client is a surefire way to grab their attention and elevate their perception of your business. You can use sales prospecting gifts to gain the attention of key decision-makers, giving your business an effective tactic to turn prospects into clients. 
  • Existing Clients: While attracting new clients is important, making the ones your business already has feel special is equally important. In fact, 43% of businesses report that relationship management is the most important reason for their corporate gifting programs. Client gifts promote increased levels of retention, improve relationships, and help your business unlock cross-selling opportunities that can drive account-level growth. 
  • Employees: Corporate gifts for employees make sure that your team understands just how much you appreciate everything you do for them. The result? Your staff will stick around longer and go the extra mile when business requires it. 

Best Occasions for Corporate Gifting

You might think of corporate gifts as seasonal or a once-a-year affair. And while holiday gift baskets should be a part of your corporate gifting strategy, they shouldn’t be the only part. Other occasions your business can send corporate gifts include:

  • Anniversaries: Many companies send corporate gifts for employees to mark major work anniversaries. Alternatively, you can send clients a gift to celebrate the anniversary of the start of your business relationship. 
  • Employee Birthdays: Helping your employees celebrate their birthdays with fun, thoughtful gifts shows your team you truly care about them. 
  • Recognizing Achievements: Mark major accomplishments with a corporate gift. Gift these to employees or clients, and be sure to pair your gift with a healthy dose of praise to show your appreciation and convey your excitement for the future. 
  • Product Launches: Sending corporate gifts to mark the launch of a new product or service is a proven way to generate engagement and encourage clients to try out your latest and greatest innovations. 

Consider these some corporate gifting ideas to get you started, but the truth is there are no rules! Send corporate gifts whenever you feel it’s appropriate, and don’t be shy – everyone loves receiving something special.

How to Choose Corporate Gifts Everyone Will Love

There’s no shortage of options out there. So, how can you be sure you’re choosing memorable corporate gifts that your recipients will love? 

Above all, it’s vital to understand your audience and select unique gifts tailored to their interests. Nobody knows your employees or clients quite like you do, but still, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to choose the best corporate gifts:

  • Quality Over Quantity: Invest in high-quality, unique items that are built to last. These gifts are a symbol of your relationship. When you give recipients great products, you can be sure they’ll associate your brand with quality. 
  • Prioritize Practicality: The best corporate gifts are those that get used every day. Choose practical products your recipients will use in their daily lives, whether that’s a custom backpack or a personalized tumbler
  • Add a Personal Touch: Include a handwritten note with your gift to add a level of warmth. If you’d like, take things a step further by having your gift personalized to the recipient. Many corporate gifts can be customized with messages, initials, logos, and more. 
  • Brand Your Gifts: Adding your company’s logo to a corporate gift boosts brand visibility and aids brand recall. Think of your gifts almost as miniature billboards that you can plant in the offices of all your most important clients. 
  • Keep Company Policies and Cultural Sensitivities in Mind: Some businesses might have policies forbidding employees from accepting gifts from vendors. Make sure you understand these before placing an order. It’s also important to consider cultural sensitivities to ensure your well-intentioned gift doesn’t cause any offense. 

Find the Perfect Corporate Gifts

It’s undeniable that corporate gifts can kick your business – and its relationships – up a level. Whether you intend to send gifts to clients, employees, or even prospects, reaping the benefits of a corporate gifting strategy demands you take a thoughtful approach. 

The most important element of any strategy is the gifts themselves, so get in touch if you need assistance finding the perfect items. We’ll partner with you to select, design, and ship the perfect gifts for your audience, helping you lay the groundwork for stronger relationships.  

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