What Is a Touch Tool And How Does It Work?

The Touch Tool helps users avoid using their hands to touch commonly used surfaces, limiting the spread of germs.

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What Is a Touch Tool And How Does It Work?

There are many surfaces and buttons in public like keypads, door handles, and gas pumps, that are touched by countless people. These surfaces collect hundreds of germs.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us take precautions to limit contact with commonly touched surfaces like pulling sleeves around our hands to grab door handles and push buttons. What if there's a tool to avoid touching all of these germ-infested areas?

The Touch Tool helps people avoid using their hands to touch commonly used surfaces.

What is the Touch Tool?Plastic and Metal TouchTool with fedex logo

The TouchTool is a small and compact tool that helps the user limit contact with surfaces that have a lot of germs. 

Many people believe that gloves protect from germs and bacteria. Gloves surprisingly can do more harm than good if not used correctly. Gloves act as a barrier against your physical body that can build up germs if not worn or disposed of properly. 

With the invention of the TouchTool, anyone can press, pull, and turn objects at their fingertips, safely. 

What are the Common Uses for the Touch Tool?

The Touch Tool has a pointed end to press buttons and a hook to pull open doors, carry grocery bags, and other benefits. 

How does the Touch Tool Work?Use the touchtool to pull open doors, push buttons, and turn locks

How is the Touch Tool Constructed?

TouchTool Pro and TouchTool on keychain with dell logo

The benefit of the Touch Tool Pro is that brass materials have antimicrobial properties. Different microorganisms can live on certain materials up to 2-3 days. Although the Touch Tools are beneficial for avoiding contact with germs, it's still essential to practice proper hygiene in addition to using this tool. The Touch Tool can and should be washed or sanitized after each day's use.


Touch Tool Opening DoorThere's a high chance that we come into contact with a considerable amount of germs every day. Fortunately, this tool helps you avoid these invisible obstacles and helps anyone that uses it practice safe distancing techniques. 

Everyone has a checklist before they leave the house—wallet, keys, phone. We recommend adding these additional tools to the checklist:

  • Touch Tool or Touch Tool Pro
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Mask

Please note: While the Touch Tool is handy, it's essential to use it in conjunction with frequent hand washing. The CDC advises you should continue washing your hands and wearing a mask when going into public areas. 

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