What is a Certified HubSpot Agency?

A certified HubSpot Solutions Partner (formerly Partner Agency) helps business users master and maximize the platform’s tools.

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What is a Certified HubSpot Agency?

If you’ve chosen to use the HubSpot platform to help with marketing, sales, service or CRM management or you’re still weighing your options, you might also consider working with a HubSpot Partner Agency. 

Many businesses choose to work with a partner agency instead of (or in addition to) relying on HubSpot’s customer support and internal sales team to help them make the most out of their HubSpot portal. 

A HubSpot Solutions Partner:

  • Uses the HubSpot software daily
  • Is trained by HubSpot on the latest tools and functionality updates
  • Has a mastery of applying inbound marketing concepts
  • Is certified by HubSpot to train users 
  • Can help setup the HubSpot portal 
  • Can offer ongoing coaching for marketing and sales team for platform adoption
  • Has a team of people that are certified across HubSpot's suite of solutions and tools  

Wait, why do HubSpot certifications matter?

Few people like taking tests. And the work day is busy enough, which can also present an obstacle to watching videos, answering multiple choice questions, and completing practicums. 

Think of it this way: new drivers have to pass a written and physical test before driving into traffic. Without someone signing off that a driver can operate a car correctly, the car could crash into something or someone. The result of a crash? Avoidable loss and cost. 

While adopting a new CRM or marketing tool virtually never results in loss of life and limb, poor implementation, incorrect usage and false data can cost a business dearly. 

Best practices are simple. If you want to use a software like HubSpot that is fast, awesome, and can save employees time, each user should pass a basic safety test to ensure they understand how it works and can use it correctly. Utilize a Solutions Partner agency like a responsible driver uses an insurance company, except a partner continuously teaches you how to save money and time.

Do I need to use a Solutions Partner from the beginning?

You don’t have to partner with an agency as you get started with HubSpot, but you probably should. 

A Solutions Partner can help with HubSpot set up, implementation, training and adoption. Onboarding with a partner agency gets your team access to an expert who learns about your existing processes, pipelines and handoffs to help set up your portal so it’s customized to how your team works. A Solutions Partner implementation team can walk you through how different tools work and save you time as you get used to the ins and outs of the platform. 

Some partner agencies offer ongoing team-wide coaching and check-ins to ease the growing pains of HubSpot adoption. 

Partners are more than HubSpot software gurus, and offer both specialized knowledge in how to use the software and expertise in the inbound marketing methodology that underlies HubSpot’s software. 

What are pros and cons of working with a HubSpot partner agency? 

The pros are incalculable. To add onto what we’ve already mentioned:

  • You get an entire team of people working for you and supporting you
  • Work with HubSpot software experts 
  • Get timely response on usage questions
  • Learn about new functionality, tools, and solutions that can benefit your team
  • Continuously optimize your portal for ever-increasing efficiency
  • Get help when something breaks
  • Reminders of best practices 
  • Custom report building (okay, not every agency does this, but we do!)

But there are some cons:

  • Working with an agency is not included with your HubSpot subscription
  • Regular communication intervals with at least one member of your team
  • ...you're right, there isn't a huge list of cons. 

All in all, working with a HubSpot Solutions Partner is all about helping you learn as you go to help maximize the return on the investment into the tool. It does come at an additional cost, but so does car insurance. Protect your team and business while driving the HubSpot platform, and you’ll be glad you did later. 

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