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Using Sales Prospecting Tools: How to Get Your Reps on Board

May 26, 2020 2 min read

Digital sales prospecting tools can truly make life easier for you and your sales team. Not only do they help align sales and marketing, but they are a great way to enable your sales team by taking the guesswork out of discovering new prospects. However, while it may be easy for you to see the benefits, your sales team may not be so excited. Salespeople can be incredibly stubborn, especially when it comes to incorporating new technologies into their workday.

One of the biggest challenges is that these tools are often included as part of an overall sales and marketing solution, so there will be many new processes for reps to learn all at once.

Here are a few tips that will help you get your sales reps on board with digital sales prospecting tools.

Prove ROI

One way you can encourage your reps to make the switch to new sales prospecting tools--like the ones included in the HubSpot sales platform--is by showing them ROI reports that prove the effectiveness of the tools. More importantly, the ROI reports need to show how the tools will benefit your sales team rather than simply the marketing team or the company. This will help the reps understand why your company is making this shift.

Sales prospecting tools are often part of the overall package of marketing automation. HubSpot offers an MIT study about the ROI of their platform as well as an ROI calculator that can help you show how integrating sales and marketing with prospecting will benefit everyone.

Show Demos

No matter how beneficial sales prospecting tools are for the business, your sales team will struggle to get on board if they perceive the tools to be just another thing to manage that will make their days busier. When you provide demos, your sales team will be able to see the advantages of the sales prospecting tools with their own eyes. If you end up blowing your sales team away after showing them the advantages of sales prospecting tools through demos, they may become very eager to use the tools for themselves.

Before you show the demos, it is vital that you do your research and prepare adequately. You should know the softw are like the back of your hand. While demos are a great way to get your reps on board, it's also an easy way to put them off on the idea of sales prospecting tools forever. Don't allow your sales team to see you struggling to use the tools.

Invite One-on-One Learning Sessions

Once your sales team is convinced of the benefits of digital sales prospecting tools, you still have some work to do to get them completely on board. Some of your reps may have concerns about the ease of using the tools. Many digital sales prospecting tools today are quite robust and can look intimidating to first-time users. To ease the concerns, you should offer one-on-one learning sessions where you teach sales reps how to use the tools.

Since the learning sessions are one-on-one, your reps will likely get past the learning curve and learn how to use these tools with ease. Once your sales team has been trained, nothing else will be holding them back.

Another advantage of one-on-one learning sessions is that they will show your sales team that you are truly serious about incorporating the use of sales prospecting tools into your marketing and sales processes. Taking the time to work with individual reps in order to help them maximize the tools shows that you're making this transition because you care about their sucess.

It's natural for people to resist change, especially when it comes to the workplace. You shouldn't be surprised if your sales team is hesitant about or even against the idea of using digital sales prospecting tools. Fortunately, there are quite a few tactics you can use to get your reps on board. Be patient and give it your all when it comes to helping sales reps understand the benefits and the ease of use of sales prospecting tools.

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This post was originally published December 15, 2015