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by Elizabeth Crawford Elizabeth Crawford on April 13, 2016

Study Finds Marketers are Overly Stressed. Here’s How to Stay Calm! [Infographic]

Repeat after me: I will not throw my marketing calendar out the window.


Meeting deadlines, chasing down approvals, and switching back and forth between multiple hats all day—there’s no doubt that we have a tough job as marketers.

But according to a report from Workfront, a supplier of project management software, marketers are feeling the pressure of their jobs more than ever.  One in four marketers actually report feeling “overly stressed” or “stressed to the max” at work.Partnering with MarketingProfs, Workfront conducted a survey of over 500 marketing professionals to determine what’s causing these high stress levels. Not surprisingly, most of the answer comes from poor processes that negatively impact the way the workload gets handled. The most challenging aspects of marketing are, understandably, the biggest sources of stress. According to the report, these include:

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Proving ROI to stakeholders

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Organizing a growing workload
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Measuring success
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Working harmoniously with the sales team
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Handling requests from other departments

Here are some highlights from the study:

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  • 55% of marketers said the thing they dread most about their job is proving value to stakeholders who don’t understand what they do.
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  • 80% of marketers felt that their department was understaffed. The same numbers think that they’re overloaded with work.
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  • Over a third of marketers said that delayed approvals make work late twice a week or more.

Amazingly, despite the stress, 84% of people surveyed said they don't regret going into the marketing field. That proves that we marketers really do what we do because we love it! But that doesn't mean we don't often wish it was a little less anxiety-inducing. 

Get more facts from the study in the infographic below, and keep scrolling for tips on how to beat the marketing stress!

(Source: Marketers Stress Report, Workfront 2015)



Okay, so you’re stressed. What can you actually do about it? For today’s marketers, one of the best solutions is using the right technology.

Find the right technology for your team

The technology available for marketers today is pretty incredible. From project management software to marketing automation, there are endless options for tools to help you stay organized.

Getting your team to use technology will help alleviate your stress. For example, keep track of deadlines and due dates using project management software so that everyone is on the same page. It increases accountability and decreases the likelihood of excuses.

You can also reduce the stress of reporting ROI with technology. Marketing automation software allows you to automatically track and report on key metrics such as number of new leads and customers acquired in a given timeframe.

It’s important to find user-friendly technology platforms that your team will actually use. Otherwise the software could turn into one more source of stress.

For more advice on reducing your stress and rocking your job as a marketer, download your free copy of the Ultimate Survival Guide for B2B Marketers.

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