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by Cathy Houston Cathy Houston on June 8, 2016

Pizza Box Speakers? 5 Innovative Technology Promotional Products You Need in Your Life

Some of these are almost too cool to be a promotional item!


Technology-related promotional products have totally dominated the promo industry in recent years – in a good way! The widespread use of tech products has opened the door for innovative marketers to provide useful products that connect with their customer base. In fact, technology promotional products are some of the most impactful promos that influence consumer behavior, considering these statistics from Pew Research Center regarding smartphone usage in 2015:

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64% of American adults own smartphones.

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Smartphone owners use their phone to navigate important daily tasks like looking up medical conditions, online banking,  searching and applying for jobs, and more.

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85% of American young adults own smartphones.

New technology promotional products are hitting the market every day, and I’m constantly impressed by the originality of promo tech products. Below are 5 innovative technology promotional products you seriously need in your life to delight your customers, clients, and prospects.

1. Pizza Box Speakers

Technology Promotional Products

This product is probably the reason why you clicked on this blog: pizza box speakers, or the Pieladium by OrigAudio. Inside the pizza box packaging (which can be completely customized with your company’s branding, by the way) is a triangle shaped portable Bluetooth speaker with the following capabilities:

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Full stereo sound

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Bluetooth range up to 33 feet

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Built-in microphone for phone calls

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10 hour battery life

Compact and lightweight, the actual speaker is available in 8 vibrant patterns, or can be completely personalized with your logo. But, enough of me; take a look at Josh Lucash, the inventor of the Pieladium, explaining this revolutionary product and its branding options:


2. Smartphone Cling Wipe

Smartphone Cling Wipe

This product is a useful tool that any smartphone user will appreciate: the smartphone cling wipe. This product is no ordinary screen cleaner, however. It has two useful functions: the first is to wipe smartphone screens clear of fingerprints and dirt, but it's the second function that really makes this product stand out: a rubberized grip on which you can place your phone to keep it from sliding off of your dashboard when you're using your phone in the car. 

Just a quick side note: this promotional item is pretty cost-effective, so I think it'd be a great trade show giveaway if you've got one coming up!


3. Power Kit

Power Kit

This tech Power Kit by OrigAudio is ideal for companies looking for gifts for new employees, staff kits, and executive giveaways. Its name comes from the charging devices included in the kit:

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AC Wall USB Adapter (wall charger)

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Power Bank

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Mobile Car Charger

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Multi-Link Cord Manager

All of these useful products will be custom printed with your logo, including the attractive and highly sophisticated gift box packaging.


4. Beebop Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones

People are super particular about their music, which is why high-quality headphones like the Beebop Bluetooth Headphones are invaluable promotional gifts. They’re no different from retail headphones that you’d buy at a music store. In fact, they encompass multiple state-of-the-art technological features:

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Stereo sound with outside noise reduction

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25 foot Bluetooth wireless range

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Built-in microphone

If you ask me, there’s nothing better than receiving a high-quality branded gift; it shows that your brand has immense appreciation for the recipient. These headphones would make a great employee appreciation gift or a thank you gift, because who doesn't like music?


5. Slim Aluminum Power Bank

Promotional Power Bank

Did you know that mobile power banks generate over 1,000 impressions over their product lifespan? That’s a lot of impressions for just one product, which is why I’m deeming the slim aluminum power bank as a technology promotional product that you need in your life; the marketing benefits are undeniable, according to ASI.

I particularly like this power bank because of its sleek design that radiates professionalism. Also, this product is multi-functional--it has the power to charge any mobile device.


Here's the bottom line...

...the marketing benefits of technology promotional products are too advantageous to ignore. They have a high-staying power, which means they're extremely useful to recipients, and generate thousands of impressions to increase your brand recognition and exposure. Chat with me, a brand specialist, to select your next technology related promotion.

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Technology Promotional Products
Cathy Houston

Written by Cathy Houston

As an innovative forward-thinker who looks beyond traditional promotional products, Cathy takes pride in finding unique products that meet her clients’ needs while integrating seamlessly with each aspect of their marketing strategy.

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