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How Promotional Products Can Boost Your Inbound Marketing Results

May 6, 2020 3 min read

You might think that promotional products fall firmly in the “outbound marketing category,” and it’s true—when used as a standalone tactic, they are distinctly outbound.

Ordering a batch of promotional giveaways to hand out at your office or leave with customers is nice, but it’s not a marketing strategy. When combined with an inbound marketing campaign, however, the power of promo products can actually boost your results by enhancing your marketing efforts.

Here are the ways that promotional products can boost your marketing at every stage of the inbound marketing methodology.


Before You Start

We need to discuss a general rule for boosting inbound marketing results with promotional items:

Creativity Counts.

These tactics rely on uncommonly creative promotional products in order to be most effective. The best campaigns are built on concepts and products that are memorable, stand apart from the crowd, and have a strong message behind them. So, when planning your promotional marketing campaigns, think outside the box!

And now, on to the inbound marketing ideas.

Attract Visitors

The first stage of the inbound methodology is attracting the right traffic to your company’s website. Typically with inbound marketing, this would be accomplished by creating valuable content that is helpful to your buyer personas. This is still a critical step—after all, you want your website visitors to remain engaged once they land on your site. But promotional products provide the opportunity to actively drive visitors to your business instead of waiting for them to search online.

Here are two ideas for getting started attracting visitors with promo giveaways:

  • Trade Show Giveaways: Come up with a creative concept for trade show giveaways in order to attract new prospects when you attend a show as an exhibitor. Be sure your promo items have your business’s website URL (or the URL of the landing page to which you want to direct attendees.) Another idea is to follow up with attendees after the trade show by sending them a promo item (more on lead nurturing below).
  • Direct Mail: One of the benefits of direct mail is being able to hand-pick the companies you’d like to do business with. Once you select your best-fit companies, it’s all about sending them a premium item in the mail with some strong messaging to back it up. This is a great way to introduce your company and open the conversation for businesses that haven’t heard of you. At Delta Marketing Group, we have used this tactic ourselves with success.

Want more ideas? Here are 5 unexpected ways to generate leads with promotional products.

Convert Leads

The next step of the inbound methodology is converting visitors into leads. While this may not work for every company, the strategy that we use here at Delta Marketing Group is to create a product sample offer on our website.

When someone requests a sample of one of our promotional products (which in itself is a way to convert leads), we will also send them several of our other items. Then, when they get the package in the mail, not only will it stand out more but they will be even more delighted when they open it up. Other companies could use this same idea by sending along a premium item when prospects request samples or even product literature.

Close Prospects

Every company’s favorite part—closing the sale! When used correctly, promotional products can be effective tools to nurture leads through the buying cycle.

For leads who are currently engaged in a conversation with your company, consider sending a thoughtful promotional item with creative messaging expressing excitement that you’ll soon have them as a customer.

Sometimes leads fall off the sales funnel—maybe they stop opening your emails or answering your calls. For these leads, consider sending a creative, useful product with “we miss you” messaging. This is an effective way to reengage prospects, because often they will get back in touch with you to say thanks for the gift. Even if they decline your offer to reconnect, at least you know now that you can close their file.

Delight Customers

Retaining customers is one of the biggest challenges companies face today. Use promotional products to enhance your relationships and delight your customers!

One of the easiest ways to delight customers is to send them a Welcome Package when they first sign with you. Here at Delta, we give each of our new marketing customers a fully-branded Swag Bag loaded with some of our best, most popular items.

You can also send branded premium items to mark milestones in your customer engagements, such as a thank you gift for one year of doing business together. Promotional products also make fantastic holiday gifts.

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This post was originally published August 10, 2016