4 Fun Ideas to Engage Your Remote Workforce with Company Swag

How can you help remote employees feel like valued team members? Here are 5 fun ideas for using company swag to promote inclusivity for your remote workers.

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4 Fun Ideas to Engage Your Remote Workforce with Company Swag

For employees who are miles away from your workplace, it can be challenging to feel like they’re truly part of the team. Without regular communication, remote workers are at risk for feeling like they’re out of sight, out of mind—and engaged employees are critical for your organization’s success.

How can you help your remote employees feel like valued members of the team? Here are five fun ideas for using company swag to promote inclusivity for your remote workers.

1. Send a welcome kit when you hire them

Package up your best company swag, including clothing items, and ship it to your new remote employee’s door after the contract is signed. You can even include other fun items like edible treats from your local area.

Sending a branded welcome kit is the perfect way to show your new hire you’re glad they’ve joined your team. While you may not be able to give them a tour of the office or take them around to meet everyone in person, a welcome kit is a thoughtful gesture that demonstrates your commitment to them from Day One.

2. Recognize milestones

Whether they’re personal milestones or work-related ones, we all like to feel special from time to time. Let your remote team members know you’re thinking about them by mailing celebratory swag to mark significant occasions.

Mark your calendar and be sure to acknowledge birthdays, holidays and company anniversaries with a nice card and a thoughtful employee gift. You can also send special swag when employees reach certain goals or when the overall company hits a milestone.

3. Have a dedicated company gear day

Video conferences are an invaluable way to communicate with remote employees while building rapport and connection. Seeing someone’s face is much better than simply hearing their voice on the phone!

If you have scheduled video conferences with remote staff, choose a day where everyone wears their company gear at the same time. If possible, make it a day when all or most of the team can be on the call together. From t-shirts to hoodies to hats, you can build a sense of team unity when everyone wears their favorite company apparel.

4. Send new products

Employees love when their companies order new promotional items. Fresh giveaways are fun and energizing for any organization.

Extend that positive feeling to your remote workforce, too! When you order new promotional items, be sure to mail some to your out-of-office employees so that they can feel in-the-loop. You may even consider sending extra swag for remote employees to hand out in their area.

Keeping remote employees engaged and valued is important for their continued success with your organization. With a little creativity, you can use company swag to let your remote workforce know that they’re just as much a part of the team as everyone else.

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