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Eco Friendly Promotional Products

February 11, 2021 2 min read

Eco Friendly Promotional Products

The term “eco friendly” is used so carelessly in the world of advertising and marketing that it has lost its significance. The truth is, eco friendly is an adjective used to describe something that is not harmful to the environment. This means companies must make sure the products they’re advertising as eco friendly actually are eco friendly.

Businesses must pay careful attention to which products they label “eco friendly”. Products must align with The Green Guides enforced by the Federal Trade Commission to be genuinely environmentally friendly. I’ve compiled a list of eco friendly promotional products that truly contribute to a healthier Earth while working to promote your brand.

Promotional Grow Stix

Eco Friendly Promotional Products

It doesn't get more natural than this product! Promotional seed sticks are made from a natural wood base with seeds infused by a water based glue. All you have to do is stick it in soil, water, and watch your plant grow beside your imprinted brand message. Your logo will be imprinted through a hot stamping method which has been proven to be more ecologically friendly compared to other printing methods. This product is 100% biodegradable, so advertise your brand on a product that naturally breaks down into the soil.

Eco Safe Large Water Bottle

Eco Safe Water Bottle

Custom water bottles are often a go-to promotional product when planning giveaway events. This biodegradable water bottle is a reusable water bottle that is truly eco friendly. This bottle will only take 1-5 years to biodegrade in a managed landfill.

Personalized Eco-World Tote

Eco World Tote

Everybody knows that plastic bag waste is destroying the environment. An extremely beneficial alternative to using plastic bags is switching to eco friendly promotional products like reusable tote bags. The personalized eco-world tote is made of 100% cotton, so it's completely biodegradable; not to mention all the plastic bag waste you'll be eliminating with this giveaway!

Logoed Eco Rich Spiral Notebook

Eco Friendly Notebook

Eco friendly promotional products are meant to serve as a reminder for consumers to protect the environment. This eco rich notebook is made out of completely recycled material; the paper, pen barrel, and covers are all made of recycled paper. Use this giveaway to serve as a reminder to respect the planet.

Branded Bamboo Pen

Eco Friendly Promotional Pens

Customized pens are widely used promotional products for a variety of companies. The branded bamboo pen will have the same outcome of increased brand awareness as standard promotional pens, all while being beneficial to the environment. The majority of the pen is made from bamboo and is 60% biodegradable overall; that's pretty good for a promotional pen! Additionally, I love this natural look.

One last thing...

It is important to remember that all products labeled "eco friendly" or "biodegradable" aren't always necessarily so. Some products are 100% eco friendly, while others are only partially or not at all. Remember to do your research before marketing a product as "sustainable."

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This post was originally published June 17, 2015