Eco Friendly Custom Journals Made From Apple Peels

These eco friendly custom journals made from apple peels gives your brand the opportunity for promote while being sustainable.

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Eco Friendly Custom Journals Made From Apple Peels

In my recent blog about promotional tools, I briefly touched on the importance of sustainability in the promotional products industry. Maintaining sustainability in the manufacturing process of promotional products is one way to ensure environmental responsibility, but another way to protect the environment in the promotional products industry is by promoting your brand with useful and eco friendly promotional products.

A new series of promotional products that are groundbreaking in the category of all-natural promotions are ApPeel Journals by Castelli North America.

Eco Friendly Custom Journals ApPeel

From an outsider’s perspective, the ApPeel Journal probably looks like any regular old notebook. However, this journal has many special features that makes it stand out from other eco friendly custom journals, namely the fact that it's made from ground-up apple peels and bears the sweet scent of apples.

All-Natural Attributes

ApPeel Journals are a series of eco friendly notebooks made from all-natural materials. Before we get into different style and color options, it's important to know exactly why these journals are classified as eco friendly. It's essential for marketers to know the details of the products you're using to advertise your brand. Here's all you need to know about what makes this series of eco friendly custom journals so unique and sustainable.

Apple Peel Pages

The pages are made from apple peels and other vegetable fibers emulsified into organic, environmentally friendly paper.

Recycled Leather Cover

The sleek cover that gives these journals a luxurious feel is made from a combination of recycled leather materials along with ground apple peels. 30% of emulsified apple peels and 70% scrap remnant material that would have otherwise been thrown away!

Safe Materials

Due to the all-natural components, they are sustainable, eco friendly, and animal friendly. An entirely safe product!

Sweet Apple Scent

The journal has the faint, sweet scent of apples to reinforce their environmentally friendly components. Just so you know, the scent isn't from the actual apples that the journals are made from, but a man-made square sheet of apple paper located in the back pocket of the journal. Don't worry, if you're not a fan of the sweet apple scent, this feature can be discarded.

Unique Style Options

If you think the composition of these products is unique, wait until you see the actual journals themselves! They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. I've outlined the different styles, sizes, and prices of these high-quality, custom journals below. These are my top picks for journal styles, but feel free to browse Castelli's extensive catalog of ApPeel journal styles.

1. Appeel GrandeJournal

ApPeel Grande Journal
  • The Appeel Grande journal is a compact notebook that holds 192 pages of organic, apple peel paper.
  • Size: 7 and 11/16 inches x 9 and 15/16 inches.

2. Appeel Medio Journal

ApPeel Medio Journal
  • The Appeel Medio journal also holds 192 pages of all-natural paper.
  • Size: 5 and 1/4 inches x 8 and 3/8 inches.

3. Appeel Pico Journal

ApPeel Pico Journal
  • The Appeel Pico Journal may appear small, but it also contains 192 pages.
  • Size: 3 and 11/16 inches x 5 and 5/8 inches.

Product Messaging Customization

Eco Friendly Custom Journals Messaging

Another special feature of this product is dedicated solely to brand messaging. As shown above, you can design the front page in full-color to communicate a specific message to consumers. Not only will your brand directly reach your target market with your choice of effective messaging, but this unique aspect of a customized front page further personalizes this product to be unique to your brand.

Do people even use journals for note-taking anymore?

The answer is yes! In fact, old fashioned note-taking is more popular than ever due to a study conducted by a Princeton graduate student and professor. Their study found that people comprehend more of what they're learning by writing down their notes, rather than typing them on a laptop or tablet. This just goes to show that ApPeel journals won't be perceived as just any old promotional product by your customers, but as an object that has value and will be useful to them.

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