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Cheap Promotional Pens are Ruining Your Marketing Strategy

Cheap Promotional Pens are Ruining Your Marketing Strategy

Cathy Houston Written by: Cathy Houston |

I’m always amazed when a client orders cheap promotional pens. I imagine the thought process goes like this:

“We’re going to a trade show, so let’s upgrade our booth and graphics, redo our marketing collateral, outfit the team with logo apparel and, oh yeah, buy cheap promotional pens.”

At the trade show you have a great conversation with a prospect, look good in your new Ogio Polo shirt, firmly shake hands and feel good about the opportunity. Then you hand them your cheap pen.


If that’s how you’re representing your company, stop. You can do better.

If pens are the only promotional item you can think of, at least make them count. I can’t imagine your boss saying, “Let’s order a new trade show booth with cheap graphics, and get some cheap shirts and cheap brochures, too.”

Right now you’re probably writing with a logoed pen. Take a look and tell me how you feel about that pen. Do you like the way it writes? How it feels in your hand? Do you remember the company that gave it to you and would you request more?

Since we are in the promotions industry, we give away pens. Not cheap pens. As a matter of fact, we receive compliments daily on our pens. That is what they are intended to do: bring awareness.

Contact me and I will send you a sample of the pen our company uses, which is very popular and AFFORDABLE. Not cheap.

Here's the differences between a cheap pen and an inexpensive pen:

cheap promotional pens

There are literally thousands of pens you can choose from. We have narrowed down the choices based on our experience so you can get the most bang for your buck. Your pen is like the firmness of your handshake, so make it count.

Don’t give out a pen your client or prospect will want to throw away. It’s not good for the environment, and definitely not good for your business. Cheap pens make a difference—and not a positive one.

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Orignially published on April 24, 2014, updated on March 27, 2019

Topic: Promotional Products