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by Cathy Houston Cathy Houston on March 10, 2016

Cell Phone Skins: A Personalized Promotional Product

Give your customers the freedom of customization while benefiting your brand.


It’s not at all surprising to hear that 64% of people in the United States own smartphones, according to Pew Research Center. Nowadays, smartphones are essential to staying connected in our modern world, and, in my case, keeping up with promotional trends.  Because of the prevalence of smartphones in our society, I need not look farther than my own smartphone to come up with ideas for my clients to promote their brand. Here's my thought process: everyone that has a smartphone has some sort of covering, so why not promote your brand with a product that customers need and want?

When used with digital rewards, custom cell phone phone skins are promotional items that are helping companies succeed in branding because of their high-perceived value, but that’s only one reason to utilize these essential marketing tools. Continue reading below to learn more about why phone skins are effective promotional products.


Know Your Product: Cell Phone Skins

Cell Phone Skins

Before we get into the marketing benefits that these products offer, let's make sure you know your product. Cell phone skins are coverings for mobile phones that come in a variety of creative designs. Starting at only $7.77 each, these products are made from a high-quality, vinyl adhesive material and come in the form of thin "skins" that are applied directly to the phone's surface.

Phone skins benefit both your brand and your customers; recipients get a valuable gift while you create a positive branded experience. Continue reading for reasons why mobile phone skins work as a promotional campaign when utilized with digital rewards.


Reason #1: People value phone coverings.

Phone cases and skins have become much more than just functional items. People customize their phone coverings as a means of self-expression and creativity. There are hundreds of companies and Etsy stores that specialize in creating custom cases and skins. This social hype surrounding phone coverings is exactly what gives them a high-perceived value.

In fact, consumers spend an average of  $20 or more on retail phone coverings, according to Rock Your Brand. This proves that cell phone skins have a high-perceived value in the eyes of customers. Giving away an item with a high-perceived value will improve your brand image and delight your customers by catering to their interests. The best part is that you'll be offering this reward to customers for a fraction of the regular cost of custom cell phone covers.


Reason #2: They create a branded user experience.

This is made possible with digital reward cards. Your brand will be with the customer from the second they receive your reward card to when they get their new phone skin in the mail. But, I'm getting ahead of myself! Review the steps below to understand how digital rewards work with phone skins and how the redemption process creates a branded user experience.

Digital Rewards

Step One: Customers receive your branded reward.

Cell Phone Skins Digital Reward Email

These rewards can be distributed in the form of a custom card or email. However you choose to utilize this reward (at a trade show, career fair, employee incentive gifts, etc.), the recipients will be exposed to your brand with a reward card that displays your custom artwork printed in full color, or an email branded with your logo. The back of the card will display the reward code and a website address to redeem the code, as will the email.

Digital Rewards

Step Two: They visit the website to redeem their code.

Cell Phone Skins Digital Rewards Redeem Website

Next, customers will visit the website specified on the back of the reward card to enter their code. Here's where the second aspect of creating a branded user experience comes in: you can fully customize the redemption website to be branded with your logo and messaging. Your brand will be fresh in the mind of consumers every step of the way. You also have the option to create fully branded landing pages to further reinforce your brand image.

Digital Rewards

Step Three: They select their cell phone skin design.

Digital Reward Promotions Cell Phone Skins

Upon entering their redemption code, customers will be directed to a platform were they can choose from thousands of pre-made cell phone skin designs for their device type. I will go further in depth with design options in Reason #3.

Digital Rewards

Step Four: They receive their cell phone skin.

Custom Cell Phone Skins

Customers will receive their personalized cell phone skin by mail approximately 1-2 weeks after submitting their design. Now, they get to enjoy a high-value product courtesy of your company. If this isn't a great way to delight customers, I don't know what is!

 For more information on the digital rewards redeeming process, take a look at this video:


Reason #3: The personalization options are endless.

Cell Phone Skins Customization

While traditional custom phone cases work for my clients, custom phone skins take customer satisfaction to the next level. Upon being directed to the redemption website, customers will be presented with thousands of pre-made cell phone skin design options to choose from that include licenses from top brands, entertainment, pop culture, universities, and more. If they don't want a pre-made design, they also have the option to design their own custom skin with images, text, and symbols. Basically, by utilizing phone skins with digital rewards, you are giving your customers freedom to personalize a gift that is valuable to them while promoting your brand.


Why does this matter?

Consider this: 29% of cell phone owners describe their phones as something they "cannot live without" according to Pew Research Center. Basically, people regard their cell phones as prized possessions. These societal statistics are important to keep in mind when relating to your customers because it gives marketers an insight into what people value, and that's why phone skins are effective promotional items.

However, utilizing custom phone skins and digital rewards is less about the product itself and more about creating a positive, branded experience for customers. Customers getting a gift they'll love is just a piece of the puzzle of promoting your brand. Remember, the phone skin is the end goal, but the branded experience is what will elevate your brand in the minds of customers.

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Cathy Houston

Written by Cathy Houston

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