The Best Welcome Back Gifts for Employees at the Office

Are you welcoming back employees to the office after COVID-19? Here's a list of the best welcome back gifts for employees at the office.

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The Best Welcome Back Gifts for Employees At the Office

Headed back to the office? You’re not alone. Businesses everywhere are welcoming back employees. In fact, a CRETech survey estimated that by the end of the first quarter of 2021, 60 percent of employees will be back at work. It’s a sure sign that we are headed for brighter days and a return to normalcy. 

For some employees, it will actually be the first time they’ve stepped foot in the office since being hired. They’ve been working remotely for months, and have not yet been exposed to your office culture. Maybe you didn’t even get the chance to fully welcome them to the team. 

And let’s not forget about your long-term staff. They’ve stuck with your business through one of the toughest times of American history. Though they might be eager to return, they do deserve some appreciation for the challenges they’ve endured. 

Welcome back gifts for employees can help delight old and new employees while improving overall company culture. So without further ado, let’s talk about some different welcome back gifts for employees at the office.

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4 Welcome Back Gifts for Employees

Make an impact with the following gift ideas by kitting them together into a personalized gift box. This small gesture can make your welcome back gifts feel more personal, authentic, and well, more like a gift. Here are our top kit ideas for welcome back gifts. 

Welcome Back Gift #1 - The Fresh Start Box 

welcome back to the office gifts for employees desk itemsGive your employees a fresh start. Returning to the office symbolizes an exciting period of change for many. It’s a time where employees will be hyper-focused on wellness and hygiene, yet anxious to settle into their new workspace. This Fresh Start Box includes products that will refresh their work environment while giving them a positive start back at the office. 

What It Includes: 

  • Mini Desk Humidifier - This is a unique gift idea that will keep your employees breathing fresh air. The Brume is a mini humidifier perfect for the desk. Inside, it features a small, 6-ounce water reservoir and two attachable USB lights and fan accessories. This means it can either be used to light up the workspace or keep employees breezy in a stuffy office. The light even changes colors and can be made truly original with your company logo, branded message, or theme. 
  • Air Plant - Coming from a home office back to a professional work environment can be tough. This air plant is a perfect homey addition to the desk and adds a breath of fresh air to the office. What’s even better is that it gets nutrients literally from the air, so not much maintenance is needed. It’s just a fun way to add a personal touch to their workspaces. Plus, the natural wooden planter it comes in can be branded with a full-color company logo.
  • Paper Clip Jar - A fun complement to complete the swag pack is this branded paper clip jar. It’s a unique, yet useful, take on the classic paper clip organizer. Two hundred paper clips come packaged in a 1.75 x 3.75-inch shatterproof plastic jar with a real cork top. Don’t forget the add a printed logo for maximum brand exposure.

Welcome Back Gift #2 - A Back to The Office Lunch Set

welcome back gifts for employees lunch setOne of the essentials employees will likely need at the office for a while is a lunch set. Employees will likely be a little wary of using community silverware or dishes. Give each member on your team an easy way to pack their lunch and enjoy it while feeling safe. This Back to the Office Lunch set has all the essentials for the perfect meal. All they’ll need is the food. 

What It Includes: 

  • Branded Lunch Cooler - This innovative cooler includes a zippered placemat that can be used as an easy-to-clean eating area. It’s lightweight, yet spacious - holding up to 11 cans if need be. This can easily be used as an office lunch carrier, or as an outdoor cooler for hiking or summer BBQs. Embroider, heat transfer, or print your logo on the large imprint area. 
  • Reusable Lunch Container - Many employees love to pack hot lunches for the office that they can pop into the microwave. This microwave-safe bento lunch box will make it easy for them to pack last night’s leftovers and have a satisfying meal at the office. Not to mention, this container is made with a natural bamboo lid, making it a sustainable option. Use it to cut fresh fruit or veggies. Everything can be secured together with the elastic nylon strap. 
  • Bamboo Utensil Set - What about a fork and knife? There’s nothing worse than getting ready to dig into your packed lunch, just to find out you forgot to pack a fork. Employees will love that they can easily keep this set at their desk when they need it. It comes in a branded travel pouch that will keep all three utensils (fork, knife, and spoon), germ-free. Plus, it’s also made from bamboo, making it another eco-friendly option.
  • Branded Corkcicle Canteen - Give your employees something stylish to carry their beverages in. This retail-inspired 16-ounce Corkcicle Canteen can be personalized with multiple color options and a laser engraved imprint. The stainless steel bottle is triple insulated and vacuum-sealed, which will keep beverages cold for a full 24 hours, and beverages hot for up to 12 hours. It has a wide mouth making it easy to fill with ice cubes. Plus it includes the retail gift box for a true gift experience.

Welcome Back Gift #3 - The Tech Essentials Starter Pack

welcome back gifts for emplouees tech itemsHelp your employees hit the ground running at the office by equipping them with a pack full of branded tech. Plus, these are all great items for a hybrid workforce. More and more companies are transitioning to flexible work-from-home days. A new study by Microsoft found that 66 percent of business decision-makers are considering redesigning physical spaces to better accommodate hybrid work. This tech pack is the perfect way to enable the hybrid worker and make for easy transitions. 

What It Includes: 

  • Branded Laptop Case - This laptop case will keep your employees’ devices safe as they commute back and forth from their remote office to their official workplace. With a top flap, hook, and loop fasteners, devices stay safe yet easy to access. It will fit a 15-inch laptop in its padded compartment, plus other small items like pens, cords, flash drives in its multi-function organizer pockets. It also includes a slash pocket for a notebook or padfolio. Your company’s brand can be embroidered or printed on the front pocket. It comes in three professional colors - black, navy, or heather grey. 
  • Branded Power Bank - A power bank is an essential tech item, especially when you’re constantly commuting back and forth. It’s a pain always trying to find an outlet for devices. With this 100000 MAH device, employees can rest assured that their devices will remain charged and ready to go even while on the road. It offers a large imprint area of 4.0 x 1.5 inches, so go big and bold with a full-color imprint.
  • UV Sanitizing Wireless Charger - Phones are dirty. We often forget how many germs our devices collect. Yet, it’s not like we can just stick them in the sink every time we wash our hands. That’s why UV sanitizing devices have become so useful. This particular product doubles as a wireless charger, so your employees can keep their devices clean while fully charged. And with two different cleaning modes, it’s sure to leave devices germ-free, sanitized, and safe to use.

Welcome Back Gift #4 - The Branded Company Swag Pack

wecome back gifts for employees branded swagFor those employees that you might not have gotten a chance to properly onboard, a branded company swag pack is a great option. Fill it with personalized apparel and branded swag items showcasing your company’s brand. New (or somewhat new) team members will love repping these items outside of the office and take pride in showcasing the company they’re a part of.

What It Includes: 

  • Branded Knit Jacket - Who doesn’t want to rep a fashionable yet functional jacket? This knit jacket will make a statement for your brand, and employees will love showing it off. With a heather knit design, it’s a top 2021 trending branded apparel item. And it’s functional, with thumb exits in the sleeves, two lower pockets, and one upper chest pocket and exit port for earbud cords. Choose whether you want a large imprint on the back, or a smaller chest logo embroidery - or both!
  • Branded Basecamp Backpack - Another retail-inspired branded product is this Basecamp Tech backpack. It’s honestly big enough to hold everything an employee would need on a day-to-day workday, or even on a professional work trip. Yet, it’s compact enough that it’s not bulky. With a dual-zippered front compartment, tech devices will remain protected. Plus, two side zipper compartments are perfect for extra cords, batteries, or other office and work items. Your employees and your brand will look professional with this bag imprinted with a heat transfer logo. 
  • Thermos Stainless Steel Tumbler -  This is a versatile and useful option for employees heading back to the office because it offers a way to keep lunch warm, without the necessity of a microwave. It comes with a full-size stainless steel spoon and a lid that can be used as a bowl. The vacuum insulated stainless steel technology will keep food hot for up to nine hours, making it perfect for the workday. Plus, employees will feel valued by the premium brand. Choose either black or silver and brand it with a pad print or laser engraved logo. 

Use These Gift Ideas to Welcome Back Employees in Style

Keep in mind that the return back to the office is a transition. After a year of working from home, there will be a lot to get used to and a different office culture to adapt to. Especially for new employees who may have been onboarded in the past year. Keep this in mind when choosing your gifts, and consider pairing these items with other employee engagement ideas

Remember, our team can help you choose the right combination of items to make your efforts truly appreciative, helping your employees feel valued. 

Welcoming back employees to the office should be a positive experience. It’s a chance for everyone to come back together, build stronger relationships, and work more collaboratively together. Embrace the change and use these gifts to welcome back employees in style.

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