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Best Promotional Handout Idea for 2016: Digital Rewards

May 7, 2020 3 min read

Best Promotional Handout Idea for 2016: Digital Rewards

Whether it’s for a niche conference, a huge industry-wide trade show, or even an in-house event for customers or employees, marketers far and wide have long faced the same challenge: finding the best promotional handout idea for the least amount of money.

Surely, you’ve been there. Hours and hours of searching — while staring at your screen as intently as a hacker in a B-movie from the ‘90s — feeling discouraged.

This is impossible; I’m never going to find something.

The good news is, you don’t have to admit defeat and search the supply closet for those cheap pens you hate and bowl of candy that’s been with the company since the Carter administration. Not when you have an item that is universally appealing, is popular with a range of audiences, and has valuable offerings to meet a range of budgets: Digital Rewards!

Redeemable for modern items like music downloads, digital movie rentals, unlimited digital magazines, movie tickets, and even codes to donate trees online, Digital Rewards give recipients access to their choice in the latest in digital entertainment — making them one of the most flexible, valuable, useful, and best promotional handout ideas available today.

Why should you give out Digital Rewards at your next event? Here are a few key reasons:

They Provide Value

The best kind of swag is the type that attendees will find useful and beneficial. It doesn’t get much more valuable rewards that give recipients the ability to head to the movies, deliver 12 issue subscriptions to their favorite magazines, or let them listen to Adele’s “25.” On repeat.

Everyone Gets What They Want

One of the challenges with traditional promotional items is finding something the entire audience will like. But the nature of this giveaway let recipients choose what they like best every time. This means Digital Rewards are one of the easiest ways to ensure you have something of value for everyone, no matter how diverse the audience.

They Don't Have to be a Tangible Item

Since the campaigns for these rewards are all code-based, they can even be delivered entirely online. Use them as a valuable offer to capture email addresses at the event and send the reward online after the trade show or conference. This way, you can easily obtain valuable email addresses, all while providing recipients with a reward of high perceived value.

They are Eco-Friendly

From choosing sustainable materials like 100% recycled card stock or delivering rewards via code-only campaigns, any Digital Reward campaign can be made eco-friendly. You can even take things up a notch by offering Treecycler codes, which let recipients pledge to donate trees to their choice of domestic and international reforestation projects — anywhere from Alabama to Zimbabwe and over 40 projects in between.

They Leave a Lasting Impression

If you are the company that blends into the crowd and gives them the cheapest promo items possible, you’ll likely end up forgotten. If you’re the company that gives them a chance to head out to see the latest summer blockbuster or provides them with the digital movie rental for their family’s movie night, you’ll enjoy an enduring presence in their memories, long after the credits roll.

Digital Rewards Ideas for Event Giveaways

Example #1

  • Client: Sierra Nevada®
  • Use: Event Giveaway
  • Reward: Treecycler
Best Event Giveaways

Sierra Nevada® was looking for an easy, fun and eco friendly giveaway for attendees of Earth Day San Diego, the largest free annual environmental fair in the world.

They chose to provide Treecycler Cards to visitors of their booth because it was a simple way to distribute cards to the thousands of Earth Day attendees. Treecycler Cards are a compact, lightweight, cost-effective way to distribute rewards.

Example #2

  • Client:AAA
  • Use: Event Giveaway
  • Reward: Photo Prints
Digital Rewards Photo Prints

AAA agents needed an easy way to engage with young students, while educating them on the dos and don’ts of driving. AAA Insurance decided to connect with them by offering a reward card for five free photo prints after test-driving a simulator car.

By offering photo prints, AAA Insurance was able to reach their potential customers on a personal level by giving them access to print their favorite photos.

Example #3

  • Client: National Cellular Provider
  • Use: Event Giveaway
  • Reward: Music Downloads
Digital Rewards Music Downloads

In hopes of increasing brand awareness, a national cellular provider paired up with a national baseball team to promote their service amongst thousands of baseball fans with music download cards. They decided to create a branded giveaway to be handed out before the big game.

Providing rewards cards for universally appealing is an easy and flexible solution for gaining brand recognition. Rewards cards are compact, lightweight, and very easy to store up until game day.

What Can Digital Rewards Do For You?

From the silver screen to the laptop screen to the one we all carry in our pockets, modern life is intertwined with entertainment and technology. Digital Rewards tap into this area of major growth and provide one of the easiest ways to associate your brand with the latest in the music, film, and publishing worlds and beyond with valuable, relevant offerings that are popular, affordable and easy to distribute.

You aren’t dreaming. Such a magical product exists. Visit our website to see the entire catalog of products and let’s talk about some ways they can work for you.

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This post was originally published April 14, 2016