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by Cathy Houston Cathy Houston on July 22, 2015

9 Favorite Promotional Keychains

Learn more about these simple products worth ordering.


Custom keychains are popular promotional items simply because people like them. Promotional keychains are some of the top mentioned favorite low-value product favorites, according to Promotional Products Association International. This matters because when consumers like promotional products that you give them, the more effective logo items are when it comes to improving your marketing strategy.

I've assembled a collection of the best promotional keychains, but first, check out a list of some of my favorites.

1. Branded Keychain with Flashlight

Promotional KeychainsYou might recognize this product from some of my previous blogs. I feature it so often because it is simply one of the best promotional keychains available. I have the branded Keychain with Flashlight on my own set of keys because it provides high visibility for our Delta logo and it has a useful LED flashlight. GET IT HERE.

2. Custom Phone Stand and Screen Cleaner Combo Keychain

Custom Keychain Screen CleanerGive your clients a dual use product they can take anywhere. The custom Phone Stand and Screen Cleaner Combo Keychain serves two needs that cater to smartphone users. I especially like this little keychain because of it's clear imprinting area and clean logo display. GET IT HERE.

3. Promotional Carabiner Keychain

Promotional Carabiner Keychain
This handy keychain makes use of the versatility of carabiners. This aluminum metal key ring comes in your choice of eight metallic colors. Included with this keychain is a nylon strap to make it easier for recipients to carry around. Your brand name will appear lazer engraved on the metal split key ring to make for a sleekly branded object.  GET IT HERE.

4. Personalized Bottle Opener/Phone Stand Keychain

Custom Bottle Opener KeychainsCarry this convenient, dual use keychain wherever you go! This personalized Bottle Opener/Phone Stand Keychain functions as a bottle opener and a phone stand. Your clients will love the choice of colors. GET IT HERE.

5. Customized Color Play Key Ring

Color Play Key RingHere's a promotional keychain meant for decorative purposes: the color play key ring. This promo item is chic with your choice of leatherette color and lazer engraved chrome plating. Associate your brand with this stylish promotional item. GET IT HERE.

6. Logoed Aluminum Torch Keychain

Aluminum Flashlight KeychainHere's a different flashlight keychain with a unique style! The logoed Aluminum Torch Keychain has the slick appearance of metal with an extra bright LED light. GET IT HERE. 

7. Branded Brushed Plate Key Ring

Brushed Plate Key RingLike #5, the brushed plate key ring has a decorative purpose with its elegant nickel plated material and UltraHyde leather. The UltraHyde is available in brown or black to match your brand. Your logo will appear lazer engraved for a professional look. GET IT HERE.

8. Custom Astro Key-Light

astro-key-light.jpgThis custom keychain combines functionality, convenience, and safety all into one. The custom astro key-light features three white LED lights activated by an on/off push button. The included metal split key ring makes it easy to attach this useful keychain to your house keys, car keys, and more. GET IT HERE.

9. Promotional Survivor Whistle Key-Light

Custom Whistle KeychainThe promotional Survivor Whistle Key-Light is great for companies that value safety. Whether it be for night clubs or businesses that host outdoor services, this promotional keychain will prove to your clients that you care. GET IT HERE.

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Cathy Houston

Written by Cathy Houston

As an innovative forward-thinker who looks beyond traditional promotional products, Cathy takes pride in finding unique products that meet her clients’ needs while integrating seamlessly with each aspect of their marketing strategy.

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