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6 Surprising Habits That Will Make You a Better Marketer

August 23, 2021 4 min read

One of the best things about being a marketer today is all of the tools we have at our disposal to help us improve. We’re able to track and measure the results of our efforts so that we’re constantly optimizing and adjusting.

But how can we become overall better marketers? I put together a list of six surprising habits marketers should have in order to improve the way they do their jobs. Once these habits are in place, the results will be evident in everything you do.

1. Wait before springing into action.

Marketers are go-getters; that’s just our personality. We get things done and we get results.

That’s why it seems counterintuitive to tell a marketer to wait before executing on their ideas. But, surprisingly, letting a campaign marinate for a few days before launching into action can result in a higher rate of success.

How to implement this habit:

Launching a new campaign is exciting, but get in the habit of taking your time. There is nothing worse than preparing to go live with a new marketing campaign only to discover that you’ve made a mistake that could have been avoided. Be sure you’ve set goals, utilized all of your available marketing tools, double-checked everything, and planned a coordinated launch.

In other words, slow down! A speedy campaign isn’t necessarily an effective campaign.

2. Avoid getting sucked up in the trends.

Video marketing is the next big thing!

Now replace “video marketing” with infographics, SlideShare, Instagram, Snapchat or any other marketing tactic that’s been buzzing lately.

It’s easy to get psyched about new marketing channels, and as marketers we’re constantly on the lookout for industry trends we can use to our advantage. But don’t get in the habit of jumping on the trends just because they’re new and exciting. Yes, there are some great opportunities out there. But you’re headed down a dangerous road if you try to go after every new marketing tactic.

How to implement this habit:

One way you can start this habit is by creating a marketing evaluation checklist for yourself. Then you can assess these new channels and decide whether they’re truly a good use of time and resources for your company. The checklist should include questions such as:

  • Do our buyer personas use this channel?
  • Does this channel support our existing goals and initiatives?
  • Do we have the bandwidth to add another initiative?
  • Do we have the internal resources we need to manage this initiative?

3. Practice saying no.

Your calendar is full, your budget is depleted, and yet you’re still getting requests from all sides. Whether coworkers want to order more marketing materials, attend more trade shows, or run more campaigns, they’re knocking on your door.

But it’s not simply getting stuff done that makes you a great marketer. It’s getting the right stuff done. You can’t effectively do your job if you’re constantly fielding reactionary requests. In order to keep your marketing goals and initiatives on track, you need to get in the habit of saying no once in a while.

How to implement this habit:

It’s tough to stop being a “yes-er,” especially when you’re just trying to be helpful and do what’s best for your company. It takes practice to get in the habit of saying no. I wrote an article about how to say no as a B2B marketer that has some great language you can use to say no in a firm yet respectful way.

4. Become a cheerleader for your company.

Some people are in the habit of complaining about their employer. But in order to become a better marketer, your habit should be the opposite—become your company’s biggest fan.

If you’re going to be touting the great things about your company’s products and services through marketing, you need to be passionate. Even if you’re not in the most glamorous industry, find the things that truly impress you about your workplace, whether it’s the mission, the problem solving or the people, then use that passion to ignite marketing ideas. Become a brand ambassador and show that you take pride in where you work.

How to implement this habit:

Starting this habit is all about thinking positively at work. You could even keep an actual list of reasons your company is remarkable. Try to find one new thing you love about your job every day, and the quality of your marketing will increase.

5. Talk constantly to the people on the front line.

Customer service agents, sales reps, engineers; form tight relationships with the folks who are dealing directly with your audience every day. Not only do they know your products and services like the back of their hand, but they also know what questions and pain points people have that marketing should be addressing.

The other people in your company are some of your greatest sources of knowledge. Make it a habit to speak with them often to find out what you might be missing in your marketing strategy.

How to implement this habit:

To truly get the most out of your colleagues’ expertise and input, you’ll need to do more than chat with them at the water cooler. Consider forming a marketing advisory panel. Put together a select group of people who are on the front lines with your customers, then schedule a monthly meeting so that you can dig deep into what’s on your customers’ minds. If there’s one way to make something a habit, it’s do put it on your calendar and do it over and over again.

6. Participate daily in social media conversations.

Every marketer knows that publishing social media messages on the right platforms is a key tactic for driving website traffic. But social media for marketing is about much more than simply publishing your own content.

Some (old-fashioned) companies consider social media a waste of time. But good marketers know that social media platforms are invaluable for a number of reasons.

  • Educating yourself on the latest industry trends
  • Participating in industry conversations to increase your brand reach
  • Listening to what your customers and prospects are saying about your products and services
  • Networking with prospects and other industry professionals

So, while some might be surprised to hear that social media engagement should be a daily habit, you need to join the conversation in a deep and meaningful way or you won’t see benefits from social.

How to implement this habit:

Start by identifying the social media platforms that have the most relevance for your business. Find the groups and conversations that benefit most from your participation.

Then, carve out at least 15 minutes per day to mindfully engage with these communities. Social media was created to foster conversations, and active participation needs to become a habit or the conversation will die on the vine.

What habits do you have that make you a better marketer? I'd love to hear from you!

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This post was originally published April 1, 2016