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Essential Social Media Tools for Businesses In 2020

on June 3, 2020, updated on June 15, 2020 3 min read

Essential Social Media Tools for Businesses In 2020 twitter, facebook, youtube, snapchat, what's app icon on blocks in a pile

Social media is essential for businesses to succeed; over three billion people use a social media platform, and 43% of internet users use social media for work purposes.

Let's be real, running a social media strategy requires a lot of time and effort, from choosing the best designs to posting interesting and engaging content to tracking and reporting analytics.

We know it’s difficult to find enough time in the day to dedicate to a social media strategy.

That's why we've compiled a list of the 6 essential social media tools that will help you edit photos, organize your social media strategy, and view social analytics.

What are the best social media tools for businesses in 2020? 

  1. Adobe Lightroom
  2. Canva
  3. Sendible
  4. HypeAuditor
  5. Falcon
  6. Social Inbox by HubSpot

What to consider when choosing a social media tool

A strong social media presence gives businesses the opportunity to interact with and grow their audience. There are hundreds of social media tools that vary in budget, capabilities, and how much time it saves businesses. So, what are the factors you need to consider when choosing a social media tool? Pick a tool that will:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Help promote content
  • Provide customer insights
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Fit your budget

1. Lightroom

The majority of social media focuses on visual elements and graphics. Images need to be the highest quality. Lightroom is an Adobe program that lets the user edit and organize images. This tool is an easy introduction into the photo editing world, so companies that don’t have a designer on their team can easily learn photo editing skills. Lightroom is a program that:

  • Can be used on a desktop or mobile device
  • Includes photo filters and color correction
  • Provides the user with tutorials and guides
  • Has three pricing plans with varying features included

2. Canva

Canva is a drag-and-drop graphic design website where the user can create custom graphics for social media. The website includes free templates for nearly all social media platforms; the templates size images so they’re optimized for each platform. Canva has a free version and a paid version for teams per month with photo editing features like:

  • Wide selection of stock images
  • Photo filters
  • Free Icons and Shapes
  • Hundreds of fonts

3. Sendible

This social media managing tool helps the user keep a brand’s social media strategy organized from planning to measuring analytics. Sendible has different plans to accommodate small and large teams. Sendible keeps teams organized by:

  • Integrating with most social media platforms and Google Analytics
  • Approving and scheduling content in one place
  • Setting up individual dashboards for multiple clients
  • Communicating with team members by using the in-tool inbox

4. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is a data analytics tool that provides industry standards and insights for Instagram and YouTube accounts. Subscription plans range from one report to 50 reports. The tool shows which platform performs the best with engagement, so time and energy can be focused on those platforms. HypeAuditor shows the follower to engagement ratio for accounts and users can:

  • Discover the leading influencers in the industry
  • Create reports from Instagram and YouTube audiences
  • Boost ad campaigns and track growth

5. Falcon

Falcon curates paid and organic posts for social networks all in one collaborative social media content calendar. Get approval within the tool to ensure organization and brand alignment. Falcon also integrates with HubSpot, Microsoft, and Salesforce to streamline tasks. This tool saves time with its features that:

  • Manage all channels
  • Delivers easy-to-understand reporting

6. HubSpot’s Social Inbox 

Social Inbox is a tool that helps users publish content, monitor contacts, manage keywords, and discover social media ROI to help companies make the most informed decisions. This all-in-one tool keeps all social media activities in one place so nothing gets missed. Social Inbox allows the user to:

  • Share blogs and landing pages
  • Publish directly to social media accounts
  • Schedule content for the best posting times
  • Monitor social mentions
  • View social media reports to compare campaigns and platforms

Save time with social media tools

Social media is necessary for businesses to thrive--B2B and B2C customers spend their time on social media. If your audience is on it, you should be on it. It’s important to use the power of social selling to develop relationships with potential customers and dedicated followers.

The right tools are essential to track what’s working with your target audience and make the most informed decisions for your company. Invest in a social media tool that supplements a social media strategy ensures that companies can reach their audiences. 

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