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5 Undeniable Signs You’re Ready to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

October 28, 2021 3 min read

5 Undeniable Signs You’re Ready to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Have a vision of a brighter marketing future for your company? It turns out that your vision may be closer to reality than you think! 

If you’ve noticed any of the 5 signs below, chances are that your company is ready to hire a digital marketing agency to help you reach your goals. These signs are all about undeniable attitude and priority shifts within your company—signals that you’re ready for something better.

1. You want your website to work for your business

Websites are an absolute necessity for businesses today—and that’s usually about as much as people know. Stakeholders know that they need a business website. They’re just not quite sure what it’s supposed to accomplish. They don’t understand that it can actually help grow their business.

You’ve recognized this shift. You believe that your company’s website should be more than an online brochure—it should be a business asset that actually works for your company. And having this mindset is a sure sign that you’re ready to hire a digital agency.

A website that works for your business is one that has moving parts—and I don’t mean animations or sliders. I mean that it has systems in place to attract new visitors, educate them, and convert them into leads.

The right digital marketing agency can help your company build a website that functions as a 24/7 sales rep, constantly working to generate new traffic and leads for your company. A good agency will also help you create a plan for continually improving and optimizing your site, instead of letting it sit too long after launch without any updates.

2. You’re actively trying to connect with customers and prospects online

Using the digital space to generate new contacts is definitely in your marketing plan. You’re just not seeing the results you were expecting, and you’re not sure if you’re taking the right approach.

Hiring a digital marketing agency will alleviate those concerns. The agency will assess your current digital presence, strategize about ways you can enhance what you’re currently doing, and make recommendations for new approaches. The agency will work with you on setting goals, and making sure that all of your digital marketing activities are built around reaching those goals.

If your company has already made a commitment to improving your digital presence, it’s the perfect time to reach out to some agencies to see how they can help you maximize your marketing resources.

3. You’re making an investment in business growth

Your company is refocusing, realigning, and planning for the future direction of the business. You’re planning on making a renewed investment in growth, and that starts with marketing.

Now is a great time to bring in the assistance of a digital agency to help keep you on track with your goals as you implement new growth initiatives.

The most important point to remember here is that you should endeavor to hire an agency that will become a true marketing partner, as opposed to simply an order taker. During this important time of change, a digital agency partner can become an invaluable advisor, helping to steer the direction of growth from the beginning instead of jumping on board in later to right the ship if things start leaning the wrong way.

4. You want to start generating leads online

Your usual channels of lead generation just aren’t working as well as they used to, and you’re noticing a shift in the way your customers are finding out about your company.

Unless you have an in-house marketing department with all of the skills needed to strategize and execute effective digital marketing campaigns, this is a clear sign that you’re ready to start talking to digital agencies. A digital agency can assess your business, your customers, and your target markets to determine the channels that will deliver the highest ROI and generate the most leads.

Getting the online lead-generation formula right isn’t always easy, and it varies from industry to industry and business to business. A digital agency can create a lead generation plan for your company that meets your goals while helping you narrow down the myriad of options available today.

5. Educating prospects and customers is a priority

You know that your team has a wealth of industry knowledge and insights to share, but their opportunities for doing so are limited. When you are able to help prospects by answering their questions, it almost always leads to a sale. Now you’re ready to increase the reach of this education by taking it online.

This renewed focus on helping clients and prospects paves the way perfectly for a digital agency to streamline your efforts. Creating and distributing digital content such as blog articles, eBooks, videos, and case studies is one of the most effective ways to educate people about your business and industry, but many companies do not have the internal resources to execute an effective content strategy.

Hiring a digital agency to help you create online content ensures that the final product is both high-quality and effective.

Are you considering hiring a digital marketing agency? What were the signs that made you realize it was finally time?

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This post was originally published July 22, 2016