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4 Scentsational Products That Are Memorable Giveaway Ideas

July 29, 2021 2 min read

scentsational products for giveaways ideas

Want to draw people across the conventional hall using the same raw power that brings people across mile-long airport terminals to their nearest Cinnabon?

If you truly want a memorable giveaway item, consider something with a distinct smell: like a branded lip balm or breath mint. 

Scented promotional items have the power to make lasting impressions like nothing else. But it’s important to be especially choosy with fragrant items, and to remember that when it comes to smells, a little goes a long way. 

Pros of “scentsational” products 

Products with a fragrance are scientifically proven to be memorable. It’s well-documented that despite being the weakest of the human senses, smell is the sense most deeply tied to memory and emotion. 

Large corporations have been using olfactory marketing for years. For example Disney parks use “Smelitizers” to puff out odors of gunpowder and salty air to enhance the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride and make guests think about food on Main Street with the smell of popcorn. Retail stores use scents to encourage customers to linger and to build brand loyalty. 

Handing out a scented product at a trade show is a great way to stand out, as recipients of your giveaway tell their colleagues about the intriguing new dimension of the notebook or lip balm they just received. 

Avoid strong scents 

Of course not everyone has the resources of the Walt Disney Company. The ability to pick customs scents to match a brand isn’t as accessible for small and mid-sized companies. And it’s harder to pick a scented product “off the rack,” that’s appropriate for every business. 

Scented products carry risks, because the same factors that can make them particularly memorable in a good way can make them memorable in a bad way. Regardless of personal preferences for smells, choosing a mildly-scented item can add a new dimension and help your product stand out from the crowd.

Here are some of our favorites from the DMG catalog in this “scentsational” category. 

Scented Promo Products:

  • EOS lip balm: These handy lip balms can smell like strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, fresh grapefruit or ten other favors. The lip balm brand — New York-based Evolution of Smooth — is one that your customers may already know. As a promotional item, the label can be customized to fit your brand.
  • Spa candles: If your brand is associated with relaxation or luxury, these aromatherapy candles can be a good option.The candles come in small silver push tins, and are available in seven flavors
  • ApPeel journals: With so many companies choosing electronic accessories as promotional items today, we like this old school pen and ink option with a fruity twist. The smell aspect of these journals and calendars is subtle. The journals are made from apple and other vegetable fibers and can come with apple scenting. These can be a good pick for companies with strong environmental messages. 

Appeel Pico Journal made from apple peels

  • Mints: Mints are one of the safest and most popular scented promotional items. And while they’re not always the freshest choice they’re a good idea for a wide variety of companies because almost everyone likes them. Our catalog has more than 600 varieties of mint candies, which allow for much more customization than simply throwing a company logo onto the packaging. For example, mint tins can come attached to promotional booklets or business cards.  Tins can come in a shape that’s appropriate for your business such as a house, golf ball, or delivery truck

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This post was originally published August 21, 2019